Zelensky begs US for cash on 'credit' to be paid back after the war

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky begged for more money in an interview with MSNBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday.

“If you can’t give us some financial support, okay,” he stated, “please, give us credit and we will give you back money after the war.”

The United States has given Zelensky and Ukraine over $100 billion since their war with Russia began in February 2022, The New York Times reports.

Joe Biden is asking Congress for an additional $61.4 billion for Ukraine within a $100 billion package that will also go towards Israel and the border.

In the full interview, Meet the Press host Kristen Welker asked Zelensky, “What is your message to US lawmakers who don’t want to send another dollar to Ukraine?”

She prefaced her question by stating there’s “growing skepticism about ongoing support of Ukraine, particularly among Republicans.”

Zelensky said he believes Ukraine is “defending both the European Union and the European continent” before inviting skeptics to visit his country, and praised Biden for doing so.

He warned that if the US were to send its soldiers to NATO countries then, “if Russian will kill all of us, they will attack NATO countries” and urged the US “not to lose [its] strong position and not to lose [its] democracy.”

Turning his focus back to those who question financial support for Ukraine, Zelensky suggested.

“If you can’t give us some kind of financial support, okay, please, give us credit and we will give you back money after the war.”

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