EXCLUSIVE: Alex Jones says Xi's meet up with business leaders in California was 'China having a powwow with its minions'

In light of Xi Jinping’s reception in San Francisco Wednesday with attendees such as Apple, Blackstone, BlackRock, Larry Fink, Boeing, Amway, Honeywell, and Fulgent Genetics, Alex Jones joined Human Events with Jack Posobiec to explain why the “red emperor” has such an influence on these world economic giants.

Jones refreshed the audience that China became the main source of car batteries, solar panels, etc. because of one-sided trade deals from the US beginning in the 70s. It was also able to power its factories and operations with coal plants and oil which were being shut down locally in the US due to climate legislation.

Until the mid-2000s, “China has been the only place really open for business for decades and decades,” he said.

However, he continued, when Donald Trump came into office, America was an energy exporter once again and key global players wanted to invest in it.

“This is China basically having a powwow with its minions and with the traders that sold America out in this partnership, to try to reconstitute the old deal and reverse what President Trump did in four years,” he explained.

China, he said, still controls Hollywood and big tech.

China is “trying to play both sides against the middle,” Posobiec further elaborated. He noted that the BRICS alliance ties it in economically with Russia, Brazil, India and the global South, yet Xi Jinping still has ties with “globalists in the West, whether it be throughout Europe, throughout Brussels, the World Economic Forum, the WHO.”

Posobiec credits Xi’s success to Joe Biden allowing it due to his family’s financial gains in the matter.

“Is there ever a way that the people of the United States could pivot China away from this globalist cabal?” Posobiec asked Jones.

“The Republican Party in general … [is] completely penetrated,” Jones replied. “They've got Chinese spies, in almost all the congressional members, at least committee members and Senate members.”

He said China lies “100 percent of the time, they steal all of our technology, and China's being maneuvered as the global dominant force.”

“As long as the Republican leadership … are under the control of big tech and being financed by them, this country really has no hope,” Jones concluded.

Watch the full episode below:

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