Greta Thunberg interrupted at climate rally after anti-Israel rant, responds by chanting 'No climate justice on occupied land'

Climate justice warrior Greta Thunberg was interrupted during a speech in the Netherlands on Sunday by a man who took issue with the activist hijacking the demonstration to go on an anti-Israel rant, according to the Associated Press.

The man approached Thunberg on the stage in Amsterdam, grabbed the microphone from her hands, and said: "I have come here for a climate demonstration, not a political view." He was quickly ushered off the stage by authorities, video shows.

The crowd responded to the incident with chants of "No climate justice on occupied land."

The incident happened directly after Thunberg invited a Palestinian woman and an Afghan woman onto the stage to share anti-Israel sentiments about oppression and how the world needs to unite behind the Palestinians following the territory's Oct. 7 terrorist attack against Israel. More than 1400 Israeli men, women, and children were killed in the massacre by Hamas.

"As a climate justice movement, we have to listen to the voices of those who are being oppressed and those who are fighting for freedom and for justice. Otherwise, there can be no climate justice without international solidarity," Thunberg said while speaking to tens of thousands.

It was after that statement that the man came up on stage, seemingly fed-up with the activist and took the microphone.

The Afghan woman, Sahar Shirzad, explained that Thunberg had yielded part of her time for both her and the Palestinian woman to address the crowd, according to AP.

Thunberg's speech came after tens of thousands of climate activists marched in the streets of Amsterdam to demand more action to address climate change, which occurred just ten days before the country's next election. Greta Thunberg, who is a Swedish native, also participated in the protest.

The video of the incident went viral on social media with some implying that it shows people are finally fed up with "this radical fraud."

"That was fun to watch. Greta needs to be interrupted more often," commented a user on X.

Another person remarked, "Radical fraud calls out radical fraud."


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