EXCLUSIVE: Eva Vlaardingerbroek warns about mass migration in Europe in interview with Andy Ngo, 'It's only going to get worse'

During an exclusive interview, Dutch conservative commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek spoke with Andy Ngo, senior editor of The Post Millennial, about the detrimental consequences that mass migration has had on European Western nations, suggesting that it will only "get worse."

This comes as Europe has made its way onto the world stage over shocking videos that have been circulating on the internet that show hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern immigrants engaging in anti-Israel demonstrations, and their ability to organize all in the "blink of an eye."

Speaking at the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC) conference in London, Vlaardingerbroek told Ngo that while the United States shares a commonality with Europe in regards to heightened illegal immigration, the demographics of migrants flooding through European borders is different which adds a cause of concern as it threatens Western culture.

"I don't recognize the town I grew up in," Vlaardingerbroek, a native of the Netherlands, told Ngo.

"The American public is obviously very aware of the problems of mass migration. You guys have a southern border crisis. We have our border crisis, but the profile of the immigrants that we get is different," she said.

Ngo asked, "Why does that matter?"

"It matters because religious, cultural, and even ethnic tensions are so much larger, I would say, at this point in Europe than they are in America. I'm not diminishing how bad things are in the US, but we've been dealing with waves of immigration for decades now and our demographics have changed to a degree where now, for example, in the Netherlands, you have migrant groups coming from the Middle East and Africa that are now the majority amongst the youth," Vlaardingerbroek said, explaining that mass migration has impacted nearly all major cities in Western Europe.

She went on to explain that when people throw around the term "replacement theory" critics become worried about the terminology but the numbers in demographics are starting to back up the theory.

"When you look at the numbers, we are in certain parts of our countries already outnumbered and the demographics doesn't exactly look like that's a trend that is going to go away. That's a trend that is going to get exponentially worse because in most Western nations our natural birth rates are down," Vlaardingerbroek explained.

"Growing up in the Netherlands if I look at the way our streets look now, the number of mosques, the number of women that you will see wearing headscarves has grown so rapidly that even I sometimes don't recognize the town that I grew up," she said.

Regarding a few European governments such as France, Germany, and the Netherlands banning pro-Palestinian demonstrations, and whether or not she believes it to be a violation of freedom of speech, Vlaardingerbroek said she thinks the governments' decisions to impose a ban is to hide their failures of mass migration which have sprung into a worldwide spotlight.

"I think the only reason the government is banning those protests is not because they actually care about the consequences of maybe jihadist extremism, because that's been on their radar for decades and they have done nothing about it, they just don't want the general population to see it," she told Ngo.

"To see it in such confined spaces like here in London, the footage of the bridge with hundreds of thousands of people together suddenly" shows concerns about mass migration over the last few decades, which has been called a "conspiracy" by government officials, is, in fact, true and they "always try to suppress the truth."

"I think that our governments just don't want to be held responsible for the fact that they have allowed all of that to happen with their own open border policies," Vlaardingerbroek told Ngo.

Image: Title: Ngo Eva Vlaad


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