Over 100 British nationalist counter protesters arrested at 300,000 strong anti-Israel march in London

More than 300,000 activists marched in London on Saturday to protest Israel. This after Israel was attacked on October 7 by Palestinian terror group and Gazan governing body Hamas, taking the lives of over 1,400 in a surprise attack. Israel declared war on Hamas, and since then, protesters around the world have marched in support of Hamas.

A man who called out these atrocities was attacked in London at the Million Man March.

In London, more than 120 were arrested, most of them British nationalists. The day also marked Armistice Day, which commemorates the men lost in World War I, which was an incredible loss for Britain. The day is commemorated by a moment of silence. 

Reuters reports that police tried to control "far-right groups" who were counter protesting the pro-Hamas group. The "far-right groups" were representing Britain's veterans and British national identity, which is seen by many to be under threat from the persistent Islamic protests calling for an end to Israel and death to Jews.

Some of those who were protesting against Israel managed to evade arrest by refusing police orders.

The Communist Party was out in force against Israel.

Met Police Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist issued a statement, saying that "The extreme violence from the right wing protesters towards the police today was extraordinary and deeply concerning. They arrived early, stating that they were there to protect monuments, but some were already intoxicated, aggressive and clearly looking for a confrontation." Police searched this group and found "a knife, a baton and knuckleduster were found as well as class A drugs."

These nationalists broke out into song, singing Rule Brittania and waving the British flag.

Those attending the Million Man March chanted a song about massacring Jews.

As to the rhetoric spouted by the anti-Israel protesters, at least two of whom expressed the believe that Hitler's extermination of 6 million Jews in Germany was a good idea, the Met Police said "While the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) march did not see the sort of physical violence carried out by the right wing, we know that for London’s Jewish communities whose fears and concerns we absolutely recognise, the impact of hate crime and in particular anti-Semitic offences is just as significant." Hitler's Nazis also bombed London excessively during World War II.

Protesters openly called for death to all Jews.

The anti-Israel protesters shut down Vauxhall and traffic in Victoria.

One street was blocked off entirely so Islamists could pray and chant.

Others began shooting off fireworks in the streets.

At Victoria Station, that mob chased British lawmaker Michael Grove, screaming "shame on you."

The mob attempted to shut down Victoria Station.

A patriotic British woman and her husband were berated for wearing patriotic pins while in the station.

After the march was over, many Muslims were bussed back home to other parts of England.

Andy Ngo spoke about the state of the coming protest before the day of the protest. 

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak condemned those sympathizing with Hamas in London who were "singing antisemitic chants and brandishing pro-Hamas signs and clothing" during the massive protest. The protesters were calling for a ceasefire in Gaza while downplaying the 250 Israeli hostages still being held by Hamas and the violence of that group, which continues to launch rockets and missiles at Israel.

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