EXCLUSIVE: Anti-Israel protesters yell 'bomb Tel Aviv' outside Prime Minister's residence in London

On Tuesday night, dozens of anti-Israel demonstrators descended upon the British prime minister's residence in London to host what was labeled a pro-Palestinian rally. 

During the event, however, a number of those in attendance began praising members of Hamas' leadership and calling for the bombing of Israeli cities.

Perhaps the most chilling moment came when demonstrators began chanting, "Oh beloved Abu Obaida, hit and bomb Tel Aviv."

Obaida is the spokesperson of the Iranian-backed Palestinian terrorist group's military wing.

The Post Millennial's Andy Ngo was on the ground and recorded footage of the call to violence.

It was shared by British political commentator Douglas Murray, who tagged the Metropolitan Police and asked, "Are you allowed to lead a mob outside Downing Street calling for Hamas to bomb Tel Aviv? If you're not too busy removing pictures of stolen Jewish children, would you let me know?"

"We are aware of this incident and we are investigating," the Met replied, urging anyone else with information to contact them.

Many others decried the actions of the group, as well as the expected unwillingness of the Met to actually do anything about it.

"This is clear support of a proscribed terrorist group in the Uk and illegal," musician Winston Marshall wrote, "but the police will instead waste their time and our money picking up easy victories ... like arresting working class londoners for 'hate crimes' like criticising Palestine flags."

The evening began as most pro-Palestinian rallies do, with demonstrators waving red, white, black, and green flags and calling Israel a "terrorist state."

This was followed by demands for a ceasefire in the region, a move that many have suggested would only benefit Hamas. 

In the weeks since Hamas launched its latest wave of attacks, protests have broken out all over the world, with a shocking number of demonstrators expressing hatred of the Jewish people and support for the terrorist group as it continues to massacre civilians.

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