Man screaming 'may Allah's curses be upon the Jews' arrested for 'inciting racial hatred' at pro-Palestinian rally in London

A man who was filmed shouting racist, antisemitic phrases and chanting pro-Hamas slogans in London was arrested Sunday and is being held on suspicion of inciting racial hatred, the Daily Mail reports.

In the clip, which was shared to social media, the man is heard yelling:

“Dawlat al-Islam” (the Islamic State)

“Lanaat Allah ala al-Kufar” (May Allah's curses be on infidels)

“Lannat Allah ala al-Yahood” (May Allah's curses be upon the Jews)

The original clip has garnered over 4 million views.

The incident took place at a pro-Palestinian protest in London on Saturday. After gaining possession of the footage, police took to social media to identify the man, posting a still picture of him and writing on X:

“We have specialist officers with language skills and subject expertise assisting with this operation. The actions in the video amount to a hate crime offence. Officers are actively working to identify those in the video. Can you help? Call 101 (ref 6574855/23).”

After apprehending the man they posted an update:

“Yesterday this man was filmed shouting racist abuse in Whitehall. Tonight he is in custody having being arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred.”

Journalist Andy Ngo uncovered a video of the man from January in which he can be heard saying, “Any Jew, any Christian, I hate you for the sake of Allah…If we’re at war, I would chop your head off.”

Image: Title: Jihad man


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