LIBBY EMMONS: Defund American universities that indoctrinate our students in oppression hierarchy and anti-semitism

No one in America should even be remotely shocked that high school and college campuses are rife with anti-semitism and hatred of Israel. Elected leaders have all feigned fury over the chants of "death to Israel," or the signs showing Jews in garbage bins, or the virulent chants of "to the river to the sea, Palestine will be free," which calls for the ethnic cleansing of Israel and the replacing of it with an Islamic, Shari'ah state. But they knew this was happening.

In fact, Democrats and Biden backers not only knew this was happening they encouraged it at every step of the way. It was parents who were clueless, who sent their bright eyed, bushy tailed children off to learn history, maths, and science, only to have them turn into oppression hierarchy obsessed anti-semites. That's why it's time to defund America's leftist indoctrination centers that pose as universities, and remake them into actual centers of learning and discovery.

Anti-Israel textbooks are in middle schools and high schools. These books misrepresent the Jewish struggles for peace and their fight to not be literally exterminated by their enemies. Instead, these books, put out by TCI and adopted in California curriculum, as well as in many other states, emphasize how peaceful and tolerant Islam is.

These texts claim that jihad is simply a way to get closer to God and that Shari'ah law, which deeply oppresses women, isolates them from public life, and imposes violent penalties for infractions of that law, is all about finding favor with God. These books were constructed and published in the wake of Sept. 11, 2001, when government officials got earfuls from American Imams and Muslim faith leaders about the dangers of Islamophobia.

Instead of working to combat the dangers of Islamic extremists who sought to murder Americans in the name of their jihadist ideology, publishers listened up and embedded the doctrine being dictated to them, complete with its anti-Israel sentiment, into the texts and classrooms of American children.

Is it any wonder that the most conformist generation America has seen in decades—the Millennials—took to heart the lessons being fed to them about how the awful Jewish oppressors were subjugating the peaceful Palestinians?

It is not a surprise. It is not a wonder. It was the intention. The rampant Jew hatred we see on college campuses today is a direct result of the educational decisions made by publishers, teachers, and Democrat leaders who at all costs did not want to seem racist, but had no problem hating the Jews.

The Department of Education funds college programs and courses of study on Islam and the Middle East that directly and intentionally blame Israel for all the world's ills. Since Biden came to power in the White House in 2021, lawmakers from the House and Senate, along with Jewish advocacy groups, have reached out to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, who notably does not know what a woman is, to make their concerns known.

"The obsessive negative focus on Israel and the Jewish people is rampant on college campuses throughout the United States," read a letter signed off on by 15 senators in March 2023. "In fact, universities with faculty who actively support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel were 3.6 times more likely to have their Jewish and pro-Israel students targeted for physical harm on campus."

"Taxpayer dollars should not fund antisemitism on college campuses, and Jewish and pro-Israel students should not feel afraid for being Jewish and expressing support for Israel," they said, yet, that is exactly what has been happening—and it's been happening for a long time.

When Trump sought to end the practice of funding anti-Israel, anti-semitic programming in schools and universities, he was called Islamophobic. Now, thanks to insane amounts of funding and lobbying from groups that use the politics of oppression to advance their religious ideology in the public sphere, we have countless young Americans who believe Israel is a colonialist state and that the Jewish people are some kind of modern day conquistadors intent on barbarism and land acquisition instead of a nation, and a people, who were and continue to be attacked by terrorists who seek their eternal destruction.

Student groups like the Students for Justice in Palestine, which is a vocally and intentionally anti-semitic organization, have flourished on US campuses. In 2019, Trump's Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos took aim at two schools' programming that indoctrinated students in an "anti-Israel bias." DeVos said outright that the programming at Duke and UNC showed Judaism and Christianity in a negative light. She threatened their federal funding over it.

DeVos was roundly mocked at the time for these views, for wanting to uphold the tenets and values of western civilization among the quietly churning onslaught of a morality that would destroy America, Israel, Christians and Jews. But she was right. And she didn't just go after institutions of higher education, either.

Trump's DOE looked at primary schools in North Carolina, one of which, the Dept of Ed said, put a "considerable emphasis" on "understanding the positive aspects of Islam, while there is an absolute absence of any similar focus on the positive aspects of Christianity, Judaism or any other religion or belief system in the Middle East."

Parents were in the dark while this ideological, hateful indoctrination was perpetrated in classrooms. Parents were barely aware of the emergence of oppression politics, in the form of critical race and gender theory, that was being force fed into the idle minds of their students.

When parents finally woke up, during the recent pandemic which forced virtual learning onto families, they started to make their concerns known. And they spoke up, only to be swatted down by the Biden administration who labeled these parents akin to domestic extremists—all while turning the children of America into extremists who literally call for the death of Jews.

What has become painfully clear, albeit far too late to save the current crop of brainwashed Jew hating American student extremists, is that the government is not up to the task of properly educating children. The curriculum they adopt, the stances they choose to support, and the morality they impose are not worthy of America, and they certainly have not created a student body that loves learning or engages in academic rigor. America's schools are not fit to raise her nation's leaders, and parents should stop supporting them, and the government entities that facilitate their existence.

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