NICOLE RUSSELL: The Israeli conflict reveals that we still need good men, whatever feminism says

As war rages in Israel and the world waits on the precipice of World War III, the Left should reconsider their stance on feminism, toxic masculinity, and the MeToo movement.

Progressives have been at war with toxic masculinity, propping up feminism instead, as its beacon of hope and accomplishment in our modern era. While of course, there are bad, evil, toxic men in the world, even good men have been lumped in with them and vilified as predators in the MeToo movement, mocked as incapable or incompetent in modern entertainment, and scorned as patriarchal and old-fashioned, just for being male.

Even in a utopian society, one might struggle to get away with this heavy-handed contempt of men, but feminists sure have almost succeeded in trying. They have catapulted women into the workforce, and now more women are getting college degrees than men, more women are choosing not to have kids and prioritizing work, and supposedly, single, childless women are the happiest subgroup in America.

Still, good, strong, healthy men (and some who aren’t) together with women, form the backbone of American society ‒ and much of the world ‒ that keeps it functioning. Men do most of the world’s construction and engineering jobs. They make up most of the employees in law enforcement, like fire fighting, police work, and investigations. They also do most of the highly dangerous jobs like crab fishing, working on an oil rig, and doing power line and electrical work.

Men also make up the majority of the military enrollment, though of course some women are in the armed forces, and they are the first on the ground, quite literally, to fight on our behalf. The only exception might be the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). which conscripts some young men and women, when they reach adulthood. In fact, a unit of mostly women killed 100 Hamas militants. Women can be strong too.

Despite this, a man’s role is often overlooked, undervalued, and even scorned, especially now that feminism has taken over the U.S. as not just an ideology but a societal mindset.

This doesn’t work when it comes to war or even personal safety concerns.

Of course, women do their part when a nation goes to war ‒ women played a significant role in World War II ‒ but millions of men died in battle.

When Hamas first attacked Israel, the terrorist group, it began systematically burning down homes, beheading babies, and raping, then killing, Jewish women. One of the terrorists cut open a Jewish woman’s pregnant belly, pulled out the unborn baby, decapitated it, then decapitated the horrified mother. Few, if any, feminist groups have condemned Hamas’ evil actions toward Israeli women and girls. Yet it is mostly men (and female members of the IDF) who will come to their aid, and far more if this conflict escalates. If the MeToo brand of feminism was about punishing toxic masculinity, which it seemed to be when it came to men like Harvey Weinstein, where is the outcry now?

Hamas is still holding women and children hostage. In lieu of a negotiation, who does the National Organization of Women think will retrieve those Americans? It won’t be SEAL Team 6, a squad full of women, that’s for sure. Not all men are SEAL warriors, but not all men are toxic either.

The same men and women who marched in the streets holding a sign that said “Reproductive Justice Means Free Palestine” and the like will probably be praying that the trained, strong men keep the fight far from their homes. It’s unfortunate that it takes conflict and hard times to demonstrate a good man’s value, but sometimes it does.

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