SAVANAH HERNANDEZ: Homeless registered child sex-offender offers free drugs to San Francisco schoolchildren from tent

A shocking local news report out of San Francisco revealed that a homeless man and registered child sex offender recently set up a tent across the street from a Catholic elementary school to offer “free fentanyl” to the homeless.

ABC News 7, a local San Francisco outlet, recently interviewed 46-year-old Adam Moore who has lived across the street from the Stella Maris Academy for over two years. His tent, set up across the street from the elementary school, has a sign posted up reading “free fentanyl for new users.”

The reporter explained that Moore “passes on the drugs” that other people give him in exchange for various items, such as blankets and supplies. 

“They feel bad if they don’t reciprocate,” Moore explained, “so they bring me trash that they’ve scavenged – or they give me some of the drugs that they have, which I don’t do.”

During the interview, the reporter began questioning Moore, and stated, “You’re exposing grade school kids to this.” Moore quickly agreed with the statement before explaining how the only two rules he lives by include: “being kind to others” and “[making] it look easy for children.” 

According to the report, the Richmond District Police Department recently tried to conduct a sting operation on Moore but he “didn’t have any drugs at the time.” 

However, the real issue lies in Moore’s sordid background. A search into his criminal record revealed that he is a registered child sex offender, convicted of “lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age,” — a conviction that Moore denies. 

According to the report, Moore is not a “high-risk” offender, so he does not have to follow the law, which would typically require offenders to remain at least 2,000 feet away from schools. According to SFPD Captain Chris Canning, “he is in compliance with all the components of what his sex registration [is].”

The Catholic elementary school, which also offers preschool education, charges $11,000 each year for tuition. Despite the high price parents pay for their children’s quality education, there is nothing that local police can do to prevent the school children from exposure to child sex offenders and open drug use. 

This piece first appeared at TPUSA.

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