IDF stops Hamas divers attempting to infiltrate Israel by sea: report

On Tuesday, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) announced that Hamas terrorists have been attempting to enter Israel by sea through one of its evacuated southern communities. In response, an army spokesman said Israeli naval forces took necessary actions to thwart the attacks.

The IDF said that its naval forces killed two Hamas divers when the Palestinian terrorists attempted to invade via sea. Searches remain ongoing to ensure no Hamas divers evaded security forces, according to Kan TV.

The Israeli air force struck the military compound where the Hamas divers had left to carry out their attempted attacks, the army spokesman said.

There have been multiple attempts by Palestinian terrorist groups to infiltrate southern Israel by sea since Hamas launched terrorist attacks on innocent Israeli civilians on Oct. 7 which resulted in Israel announcing a declaration of war against the terrorist group. The Israeli government says that more than 1400 Israeli civilian men, women, and children were brutally massacred in the attacks, while more than 200 civilians were kidnapped by Hamas and remain hostage in Gaza.

It was recently revealed that Hamas terrorists left booby traps in Israeli children's backpacks during the massacres and documents found by Israeli first responders disclosed that Hamas was instructed to target elementary schools and kidnap as many Israelis as possible.

Israel has vowed that this is the nation's final war against Hamas and the IDF is gearing to launch a ground military action in Gaza.

Image: Title: Israeli Navy