Documents found by Israeli first responders reveal Hamas targeted elementary schools, instructed terrorists to take hostages: report

Documents obtained and translated by NBC News reveal that Hamas terrorists plotted to target Israeli elementary schools and a youth center in the kibbutz of Kfar Sa'ad in order to "kill as many people as possible." They also planned to take hostages and swiftly transport them into the Gaza Strip, all of which they have done. The documents were part of an operational document.

Israeli first responders discovered operational documents on the bodies of Hamas terrorists, some of which were shared via a Telegram channel. The documents demonstrate that Hamas planned to murder or kidnap citizens and schoolchildren, and provides an intricate blueprint of their plans.

South First Responders said on Telegram: "We have been sent a 14-page operational document that was obtained from one of the units in the field, that was inspecting Hamas bodies found in a toyata pickup truck. Note. This document is dated October 2022, and is labeled 'Top Secret.' We cannot explain the significance of the date at this point."

The account posted images of the pages from the document. "This page is titled 'raid plan' on the Kibbutz of Mefalsim, and says that the contents include various maps and intelligene items on the area (not all of which are even included in the document)," the account said. "For example, the document says that the battle plan outlines that the attack will consists of a commander and 2 squads of five people. The page also suggests that this is 'phase A' of the attack."

"This page depicts an operational schedule for command and control. It includes ID numbers of commanders," South First Responders wrote. "It also says that the raid on Mefalsim is 'B14' and includes designations on which member is meant to 'open a hole' in the fence. Another team is meant to provide 'artillery.'"

The alleged plans for the attack, per NBC, are marked "top secret" in Arabic, and the outlet states that they direct Hamas troops to surround and enter villages, focusing on areas where civilians congregate, especially children.

A alleged plan of attack for Kfar Sa'ad is laid out on a page marked "Top Secret." It states that "Combat unit 1" is to "contain the new Da'at school," and that "Combat unit 2" is to "collect hostages," "search the Bnei Akiva youth center," and "search the old Da'at school," according to the outlet.

The documents, NBC reported, detailed a strategy for a Hamas unit to hold the east side of Kfar Sa'ad while another unit maintained control of the west, per another page titled "Top Secret Maneuver." "Kill as many as possible" and "capture hostages" are mentioned in the document. The documents appear to direct Hamas terrorists to seize a dining hall and capture hostages, the outlet reports.

Surveillance video footage released of the Kibbutz village massacre on Oct. 7, in which nearly the entire village was ruthlessly slaughtered or taken hostage by Hamas, shows terrorists performing similar tactics to those laid out in the documents. Schools, however, were not in session on Saturday, October 7, as it was the sabbath as well as a religious holiday.

NBC stated that according to Israeli authorities, a larger collection of documents demonstrates that Hamas was methodically obtaining information about every kibbutz village that bordered Gaza and developed detailed attack plans for every village, which included the deliberate targeting of women and children.

An Israel Defense Forces source told the outlet: "The level of specificity would cause anyone in the intelligence field's jaw to drop."

"The dental office, the supermarket, the dining hall," they said.

Yossi Landau, a commander of ZAKA, an Israeli first responder organization, told NBC News: "I saw murdered babies. I saw murdered children. I saw mothers and children murdered together."

Kfar Sa'ad and three other communities that border Gaza—Kfar Aza, Nahal Oz, and Alumim—have blue circles drawn around them on Hamas maps that NBC News obtained. Kibbutz Kfar Aza was one of the worst-hit villages by Hamas on Oct. 7.

The documents show that two Hamas units were to target Kfar Sa'ad from two different points of entry. They also detailed which vehicles to drive and how they should be driven to the villages.

According to the outlet the documents state:

"Group 1 assembly point: HAMZA transportation: one jeep and four motorbikes..."

"Group 2 assembly point: ABDEL RAHMAN transportation: one jeep and four motorbikes."

"Length of platoon train: approximately 125 meters..."

"Shape and length of each group on the motorbikes: 50 meters for each group."

Hamas terrorists invaded Israel at daybreak on October 7, killing more than 1,300 Israelis, mostly civiliians, including women, children and the elderly in the most heinous terrorist attack on Israel since 1973.

Israel declared war on Hamas and proceeded to issue evacuation orders to those living in Gaza prior to taking retaliatory strikes.

Speaking from Tel Aviv on Thursday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that the death toll of Americans killed in Israel by Hamas terrorists has risen to 27. Americans are believed to be among the hostages taken from Israel.

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