Hamas terrorists left booby traps in children's backpacks during brutal attack on Israel

Hamas terrorists that invaded Israel placed booby traps in the Jewish state including a bomb disguised in a child’s pink backpack.

The Israeli Defense Forces posted video footage on Sunday showing a soldier unpacking a child’s pink backpack which was found in a field and was packed with explosives that were set to blow up if someone tried to pick it up.

According to the IDF, “The bag was booby-trapped, containing a remote-activated explosive device—weighing 7 kg. Hamas purposefully chose to booby-trap a child’s backpack with the hope a well-intentioned civilian would pick it up.”

The IDF said this was just one of many booby traps found in Israel that were left by terrorists hoping to kill more Israelis after the massacre of over 1,400 civilians on Oct. 7.

Other traps were rigged on dead bodies, including 33-year-old Canadian-Israeli mother Adi Vital-Kaploun who was shot in front of her two sons.

Her friend Dina Zaslacski told the Globe and Mail, “They found the body under the firstborn’s bed — with bombs. They put bombs all over her body, and her dad was in the house. Thank God he didn’t open the door.”

There is now concern that the over 200 hostages being held by Hamas could be wired with explosives that are set to go off in anticipation of Israel’s impending incursion into Gaza.

Bruce Hoffman, an expert with the US Council on Foreign Relations, warned during a briefing Monday that with the hostages likely scattered throughout the sprawling terrorist  underground tunnel network, “These places and perhaps even the hostages themselves will likely be laden with traps.”

“This is a challenge of a magnitude that has never been faced before.”

On Monday, Israel showed hundreds of journalists and photographers from media companies around the world footage showing the extent of the atrocities committed by Hamas that was taken from many sources, including from bodycams worn by the terrorists, dashcams, from emergency rescue personnel, and Israeli security service cameras.

Many of the reporters were visibly shaken by what they had seen.

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