JACK POSOBIEC and KASH PATEL: 'Never Trumper' Republicans are gaslighting Americans over Trump's foreign policy successes

Jack Posobic hosted Kash Patel on his show, Human Events Daily, Monday during which they discussed how uniparty Republicans are attempting to gaslight the American people over the foreign policy successes Donald Trump achieved during his presidency.

Posobiec theorized that “Never Trumpers,” such as Republicans Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, who are notoriously pro-war neocons are forming an alliance with the far left. They are jointly asking for more money for Congress to become even more involved in the escalating wars in the Middle East and Ukraine-Russia.

Patel stated that “It's not a Republican or Democrat thing” but rather “an industrial complex lobbyists thing.”

“It's no surprise that Liz Cheney, whose father brought us into war in Iraq and then made billions and billions of dollars of Halliburton,” he noted, “is now saying she's gonna maybe run for president against Donald Trump after being jettisoned from the Republican Party.”

It just goes to show you that these people don't care about their core “conservative values” Patel averred, “they just care about screwing over Donald Trump and making money.”

He said that rather than needing $150 billion in additional funding for Ukraine, which is what is currently being asked, the United States could use that money to secure the currently open Southern border “so that terrorists from Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas don't come in” although there are strong suggestions that they may already be.

Patel revealed that a "MAGA Trump"-hating New York Times journalist in fact stated recently that “Trump policies worked.” He continued, “You might not like the mean tweets and the messenger, but there is no question that his border programs work. There's no question that he took out terrorists and Al Qaeda and ISIS, there's no question that he brought American hostages home, and that he took on the CCP, Russia and Iran and killed the Mexican drug cartels.”

He concluded that uniparty politicians such as Liz Cheney are trying to rewrite the narrative and “re-take over that branding message and say [his foreign policy success] was insufficient, somehow, because Donald Trump did it.”

Image: Title: Poso Patel


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