CHARLIE KIRK and MATT GAETZ: How to prevent 'swampification' of potential government shutdown

Charlie Kirk hosted Matt Gaetz on his show Friday to shed light on the impending government shutdown and reveal what is being sone about it in Congress.

Kirk asked Gaetz, “What are the bills that are the most important as we piecemeal our way to try to avoid a shutdown?”

Gaetz listed bolstering funds to American veterans, military and border to rebuild the country, allowing Congress to make “deep cuts” elsewhere.

He reported that a state department bill was passed that cuts spending down “to 2014 levels” by getting rid of “a bunch of this woke and weaponized activity that occurs at the Department of State.”

He hopes for that bill to become a law.

After reminding his audience of the importance of the next 24 hours as the US faces a shutdown, Kirk asked Gaetz, “How could this be, let's just say, swampified?”

“Anything that they can do to liberate themselves from reviewing these agencies independently,” Gaetz responded. The swamp move is always a move that lumps everything together. And that way, you're forced to just take one up or down vote on the entire government all at once.”

Gaetz reported he has been fighting to have the House vote on single subject bills, rather than massive omnibus bills that he stated is “why we're $33 trillion in debt. It's why we have $2.2 trillion annual deficits staring us in the face. And it's why the rest of the world is starting to dedollarize.”

He gave examples of the BRICS alliance, African Union and Gulf monarchies conducting energy sales outside of the US dollar, which is the current global currency. In the BRICS Summit 2024 in August, the nations of the alliance expressed their interest to change that.

Gaetz continued, “This is not a time to crush the most valued institution in the American economy, the dollar.”

Kirk asked how conservatives in Congress planned to prevent Republicans from doing a deal with Democrats, something that has been seen time and time again.

“If that's going to happen, that was always going to be what was going to happen, Gaetz answered. “If at the end of all the performances, you are going to see moderate Republicans join up with their uniparty coalition and the Democrats to advance Joe Biden's priorities, then that exposes to the American people who you are governed by.”

He reported that he is doing “everything I can to stop the uniparty, to force them to take votes, to force them to budget and work and appropriate as the law requires. And it's going to be a battle.”

Kirk posited that moderate Republicans might put a clean continuing resolution (CR) on the floor Friday night.

Gaetz responded, “If we have members that go do that, we will be seeding the fields of the upcoming primary challenges for people who have joined with Democrats to advance Joe Biden’s spending priorities. At some point, you've just got to win elections, win primaries and get better Republicans.”

“And if Republicans are gonna go do a bad, dirty deal with the Democrats, I'm gonna do everything in my power as one member to see that that doesn't happen.”

Kirk concluded by telling Gaetz, “hold the line, Matt.”

To his audience, he stated “We will be watching very closely and carefully. The regime is trying to take Matt out because he is really holding the line.”

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