EXCLUSIVE: Former intel operative Tony Shaffer tells Jack Posobiec 'Ukrainians have maybe three weeks left to win'

Jack Posobiec broke down the revelations currently happening about the Ukrainian war with former defense intel operative, Tony Shaffer, on his podcast Wednesday.

Posobiec brought up the fact that Tony Blinken made a surprise trip to Ukraine today and refreshed the audience about the events that have happened the past couple days including Zelensky firing his defense minister and the arrest of Igor Kolomoisky for fraud. He noted that not only are these arrests being made because of corruption, but also because of a failed counteroffensive against Russia.

Shaffer concurred, “It's not about corruption. It's about the fact that the Western directed, Western planned, Western executed, I would often even go so far as to say, the offensive has failed.”

He stated that “Ukrainians have maybe three weeks left to win, they're not going to win.”

He explained his theory with the fact that the wet season in Ukraine is going to come within the next three weeks.

“Man, it's going to be like Burning Man with tanks if you can picture that,” he quipped.

Shaffer clarified that “all of these firings are more related to the failure to show any progress to the West regarding the offensive,” specifically the United States, rather than corruption.

“They're all corrupt. Ukraine was the most corrupt nation in Europe before the war, [and] all of a sudden they became saints… And I think it's very clear that Blinken tried to throw more money at it simply as a Hail Mary, trying to get them to do something at some point against the Russians. And I just don't think it's going to work.”

Posobiec posited that the effort currently being made by the US to prevent further conflict in the war is a “two-prong approach.” He referenced an article in The Nation that hinted at DC considering negotiations with the Russians. He asked, “Did Tony Blinken go over there and possibly hand Zelensky a list of demands to basically saying, ‘Look, this is what you're going to have to give up’?”

Shaffer responded, “I think that there were demands, I don't know what those demands were. At this point, the issue of negotiation is the only option other than complete defeat.”

He clarified that he is in no way in favor of the Russians or pro-Putin.

“What I'm saying is the numbers are all in the Russians' favor. They dominate the battlefield, no matter how much high tech we give Ukraine, you're just not going to overwhelm the Russians' ability to adapt to overcome that technology. They're learning a great deal about how we would fight which is, I think, something we need to be paying attention to. Shaffer concluded, “And more importantly, it's just a numbers game… Ukraine does not have any potential to prevail based on, simply, the manpower numbers, and the losses they've suffered over the past 18 months.”

“And so the alternative to negotiation is watching the Russians, at the time of their choosing, return to the offensive and start taking whole parts of Ukraine back because Ukraine is out of gas, and no amount of Ukrainian work is going to prevent it. The only way you would see this is by a third party, a NATO or some other nation coming in with its manpower. And I don't think anybody's willing to do that at this point.”

Image: Title: Poso Shaffer


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