EXCLUSIVE: Zelensky fires military recruiters, calls for mass mobilization amid 'stalling counteroffensive'

Jack Posobiec recently spoke with Ben Bergquam and Oscar Blue about the situation in Ukraine, including the recent revelation that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky fired part of his recruiting team after it was found out that they were accepting bribes. 

Posobiec said "Zelensky has made posts on his Telegram, just in the last twelve hours, talking about the possibilty for a general mobilization, another round of mobilization for Ukraine, as even the Washington Post is saying that the Ukrainian counteroffensive has essentially stalled. It has essentially been a failure, they've been running into these minefields. They've been running into defensive lines that the Russians have built up. Tell us, what is the sense that you're getting there? I understand you spoke with the presidential advisor, is a general mobilization in the cards? What is the truth about the Ukrainian counter-offensive?"

"We asked him about it, out of the 700,000 troops that they have at their disposal, they've only deployed to 200,000," Bergquam said. "So there's 500,000 troops that still are yet to be deployed. And that's the question: Why not?" He said that it would make sense to hold back some forces, but it didn't make sense for Ukraine to only deploy 30 percent of its total forces. 

"We're kind of in a wait-and-see," he said. 

Blue added Ukraine says "they want to recruit the quantity up to four to five million military-age males." He went to say that he and Bergquam had asked uncomfortable questions, such as what Ukraine planned to do if the US pulled out of the conflict. He referenced President Joe Biden suddenly pulling troops out of Afghanistan, and how big of a disaster that has been. 

Blue said that it's still a question whether Ukraine plans to recruit more of its own military-age men in an effort to push back Russian forces.

Bergquam mentioned that the two had broke news on Steve Bannon's War Room, saying that "Zelensky actually fired, if not all, most of the recruiters, the directors or the generals, or the recruiting offices because of that very issue. The corruption, basically, they were getting bribes, paid off $10,000 per person of guys that were getting" smuggled out of the country who didn't want to fight in the conflict. 

Blue mentioned that they've witness many military-age males walking around in Ukrainian cities. This raises the question why Zelensky hasn't recruited them yet.

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