BREAKING: New Hampshire GOP chair tells Charlie Kirk that impending lawsuit to keep Trump from state's ballot won't stand

Charlie Kirk invited the chairman of the New Hampshire GOP and “top grassroots guy in the northeast,” Chris Ager on his podcast Monday to discuss growing rumors of New Hampshire’s Republican Secretary of State, David Scanlan, entertaining a potential lawsuit that could keep Trump from the state’s ballot.

“What's going on here?” Kirk asks.

Ager explained that a former New Hampshire senate candidate, Corky Messner inquired to the Secretary of State about the 14th Amendment, Section 3, popularly known as the insurrection clause. He is more specifically insinuating he doesn’t believe Donald Trump is allowed to be on the ballot because of this and may take legal action.

Ager stated, “I find that logic tortured, the state party will fight any efforts to keep anyone off in New Hampshire… Let's let the voters decide who they want to represent us as our nominee. Not some Department of Justice, tortured logic, weaponized institution. I have faith in the people… let's let the people vote and pick our candidate.”

Kirk pointed out that, confusingly, Messner was endorsed by Trump when he was previously running for senate. “Is he like a scorned lover or something?”

Ager states that in his opinion, Messner just believes “he’s doing the right thing,” pointing out that he is also a lawyer who may “read words that really aren't there.”

Messner has stated that he “took an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies domestic and foreign” and that “we need to make sure that he is in fact qualified.”

Ager has been getting attention in the media for vehemently opposing Messner’s opinion. He said to Kirk, “I've read the 14th amendment… There's nothing there. It's kind of ridiculous to tell people 'We're going to prevent you from having a choice.' It's totally wrongheaded.”

He pointed out that President Trump has simply been indicted and that we “have a presumption of innocence in this country.”

Ager believes that the DOJ is being weaponized and that they are trying to use “fraudulent indictments to keep somebody off a ballot,” adding, “That's third world Banana Republic type of [stuff]… We're not going to stand for it in New Hampshire… I’ve talked to the Secretary of State, I’ve talked to the Attorney General. I am very confident that all of the fourteen current candidates who apply will be on our ballot.”

Kirk asked Ager if “this fringe lawsuit is going to be DOA, dead on arrival,” and to confirm that Trump is favored to win the primaries in New Hampshire. “So they would be inserting themselves into someone who is the leading candidate in the first of the primary states?”

Ager agreed that Trump is the perceived favorite in his state and that he does not believe he will be kept off of the ballot, adding that “Our Secretary of State is a really good man, our Attorney General is a very reasonable, seasoned individual.”

Kirk praised New Hampshire’s typically liberty-centric culture. In regards to the impending lawsuit, he stated, “this would be the death of liberty and representative government.”

Ager concluded, “the weaponization of the Department of Justice, the IRS, the FBI, all of that is reducing our confidence in government. Taking somebody's name off the ballot [would] cause big trouble for this country, if the institutions prevented the people from voting for who they want to vote for.”

Image: Title: Charlie Ager