EXCLUSIVE: Kirk Cameron reveals how the American Library Association seeks to prevent public readings of Christian children's books

Human Events host Jack Posobiec and Hollywood actor and author Kirk Cameron discussed the American Library Association trying to sabotage his national book tour with Brave Books.

Cameron, who is the author of multiple Christian-themed children's books, has been traveling across the United States holding book readings for kids in public libraries to provide an appropriate alternative to Drag Queen Story Hour events.

The author of "Pride Comes Before the Fall" and "As you Grow" explains to Posobiec how the American Library Association (ALA) is attempting to block Cameron's book tour by denying access to public libraries.

"First, we had some grumpy librarians who didn't want us to come and talk about peace, love, joy, and faith. But now we have the ALA itself trying to block access for authors and families from coming to their own public libraries to read any book of Christian virtue, or any book at all," Cameron told Posobiec.

"This is the American Library Association, whose president is a self-avowed lesbian Marxist, and her Director of the Office of Intellectual Freedom, went on a national virtual conference and instructed librarians everywhere on how they can deny access to quote, 'The Kirk Cameron thing,' and how to invent programming so that the day's programming for the reading room is all filled up on August 5, the day of our national event," Cameron explained.

Cameron said that his team at Brave Books sent a letter to the United States government "calling for an investigation because this is an organization that's getting public grants from the government to instruct public libraries, and parents are furious."

“When we were kids, we went to the library to experience the magic of reading a book that would blow our minds. Today, kids go to the library and read books that teach them how to blow something else," the author said.

The Post Millennial previously reported that the "American Library Association is horrified that Cameron is bringing so many Christians to the libraries. When they learned that Cameron and Brave Books are planning a Library Takeover Campaign, a national story time, asking parents across the country to host book readings at libraries on August 5, they freaked out."

There was apparently obtained by Brave Books and leaked to social media that seemed to suggest the ALA was attempting to find ways to prevent the Brave Books Library Takeover, and to prevent something similar happening at their libraries.

"We're seeing groups that seek the censor LGBTQA materials or disparage or silence LGBTQA library users exploit the open nature of a public library to advance their agendas," Deborah Caldwell-Stone, director at the AMA, said. She gave the talk at the Library 2023 Worldwide Virtual Conference on June 8.

Caldwell-Stone seemed to be uncomfortable with Christian values being shared within libraries across the country.

"For example," Caldwell-Stone said, "right now, Brave Books and Kirk Cameron are conducting a campaign to take over libraries on August 5 by encouraging individuals to apply to use library meeting rooms for Kirk Cameron story hours."

"While I’m trying to encourage thousands of Americans to visit public libraries and read wholesome books to their children, the taxpayer-funded American Library Association is not only criticizing me," Cameron told The Post Millennial, "they are teaching libraries to break the law and conspiring to prevent thousands of families from visiting their own community reading rooms."

"So let's look at how you can use that public forum doctrine to construct policies and procedures that will help you keep control the library yourself," she continued.

"First, remember that, as I said before, libraries are for the receipt of information. That means that the First Amendment does not require the library to even offer reading room spaces. So in regard to the Kirk Cameron thing, you are not obligated to offer public meeting room spaces or invite the public to use the library," she said.

"Of course, this might be something you don't want to do. You don't want to deny your community access to a public meeting room to serve those community members, community groups that really need to use it. In which case do you need to develop policies that lead you in control of the library," she instructed.

"So here are some of the options that allow you to keep controlling your library and its meeting rooms for the use of your community, and for the use of the library users who might be targeted by a particular event. You can limit access to meeting rooms to persons eligible to hold a library card in your community. You could have - make a priority for library-sponsored programs and what if your library decided to offer a whole host of programs in its meeting room on August 5 making it unavailable for the public that's another option for you."

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