EXCLUSIVE: The Left plans to STRIP Trump from the ballot in all 50 states

Attorneys for President Donald Trump appeared in a Florida courtroom on Tuesday, to attend the first hearing in the case of the seized documents. And on Sunday, Trump received a letter from the DOJ stating that he is a target of a grand jury investigating the Capitol riot of January 6. This, as the Biden White House continues to claim that the agency is "independent."

"The plan is not just to indict and convict Trump over January 6 in Washington, DC," Jack Posobiec said on Human Events, "that's just step one. Step two... is to take that convicion and then parade it around in every single one of the 50 states where he is on the ballot and try to strike him from the ballot."

"They are preemptively meddling in our elections," Posobiec said. "This is the two-track plan to stop Donald Trump from winning the presidency once again. The first is to defeat him conventionally in the primary, but we've seen that has completely failed, it's over, it's done."

When that fails, Biden and his corrupt federal agency, the Justice Department, will use lawfare to remove Trump from contention, Posobiec posits.

"This is unconventional warfare," Posobiec said. "This is unconventional warfare against the American people. This is unconventional warfare against the national populist movement. This is unconventional warfare against who we are as a nation. We are not a republic anymore. We are living through an era of regime politics."

If that were to happen, if Trump were stricken from the ballot at what are essentially the whims of his political opposition, "it will blow this country apart," Posobiec said. "It will tear this country apart at the seams; 1776 will commence. This is the insanity that they're willing to go through. Just to prevent a guy from being able to stand in a legitimate free and fair election."

Biden's DOJ is prosecuting Trump in two cases, both with special prosecutor Jack Smith at the helm. In August 2022, the FBI raided Trump's Mar-a-Lago home, seizing documents that they claim were classified and should not be in the former president's possession. After they took those boxes from the Florida residence, they claimed that Trump had obstructed justice by allegedly reviewing the boxes that were requested via subpoena before turning them over.

Now, the DOJ has convened a grand jury to go after Trump, and it's hard not to imagine that the goal of these efforts is to destroy Biden's number one political opponent. Trump has overtaken Biden in some polls, is tied with him in others, and leads the GOP field by double digits.

A third case against Trump stands open and active in New York. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has charged Trump with felony counts of falsifying business records, which is usually a misdemeanor charge. Bragg said that there was a secondary crime in which Trump was planning to engage after the alleged records falsification. Bragg has refused to disclose what that second alleged crime was.

Trump released a statement on Monday, saying that he was notified on Sunday that Biden's DOJ considers him a "target of the January 6th Grand Jury." This, Trump said, "almost always means an Arrest and Indictment."

"Deranged Jack Smith, the prosecutor with Joe Biden's DOJ, sent a letter... stating that I am a TARGET of the January 6th Grand Jury investigation, and giving me a very short 4 days to report to the Grand Jury, which almost always means an Arrest and Indictment," Trump wrote.

The Biden administration, Trump alleged, has "effectively issued a third Indictment and Arrest of Joe Biden's number one political opponent."

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