POSOBIEC and EMMONS: Mike Pence says American cities are 'not my concern' while pushing for more US tanks to Ukraine

Jack Posobiec and Libby Emmons discussed comments made by former Vice President Mike Pence at the Iowa summit after he was pressed by Tucker Carlson on why he supports sending more tanks to Ukraine but seems to have no interest in improving the status of American cities

When Carlson pressed Pence on this seemingly inconsistent stance, Pence doubled down, appearing to respond, "that's not my concern," referring to improving American cities.

"This is a man who wants to lead the country," Emmons said. "And he's way more interested in what's happening in Eastern Europe than he is in what's happening in America's own cities."

"Most people in the US live in cities. You know, we have a huge city population. We see the failure of these cities. We've seen it firsthand. Americans care about where they live. They don't care half as much about what's going on in some far-off place, which Tucker correctly pointed out, due to our incredibly poor educational system. Hardly anyone could even find it on a map."

Posobiec responded by declaring that Pence's political career is "done," adding that he was happy Pence said what he did because it provides "clarity." He noted that Pence is perfectly aware of the state of American cities, and he appears to not care about improving the conditions.

Posobiec added that he predicts Pence will backtrack on his comments. 

Peach Keenan also chimed in, saying that she cared about five things, "my children." She mentioned that her oldest child is an 18-year-old boy, who she fears is going to have to sign his Selective Service form. "What do I do with that? I want to burn it. You know, I don't want him ever, or any of his friends or any young America to spend one second fighting for these objectives that I don't even understand."

She continued: "Mike Pence cannot explain them. You know, when I start hearing a politician talk about ... I want to hide my children. I want to move out of the country. It really is terrifying. And I don't even know what they're sleepwalking into."

Emmons expressed concern about her 13-year-old son, saying that she's worried about what could happen in the future. She reiterated that it's still unclear what the objective of the Ukraine war is all about, especially as it pertains to the US.

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