BREAKING: Jack Posobiec announces new documentary exposing child trafficking in Ukraine during Turning Point Act Con

"We can't close our eyes anymore," Jack Posobiec told audiences at Turning Point Action. He was speaking out against child trafficking, an incessant and growing problem that was recently exposed by the film Sound of Freedom, which screened at the conference.

"We are working on a new child trafficking documentary," he revealed, "and we are specifically going to focus on the child sex trafficking and organ trafficking operations that are being run out of Ukraine right now."

"And they will tell you it's fake, they will say it's not real, they will say it's Q-adjacent," he said, going on to say that "that's what they want you think." 

Tucker Carlson also spoke at Turning Point Action about the fight over narrative. Language is used as a weapon, facts are manipulated and obfuscated, and Americans need to think critically and know their own values. This is something Posobiec emphasized as well.

Already, reports on Ukrainian children being trafficked for their organs has been fact-checked by mainstream media outlets claiming that it's not true.

For Posobiec, it's not about media narrative but about protecting families, children. Posobiec shared that a child organ trafficker had been arrested at the border of Ukraine. He had been posing as a representative for an adoption service, funneling children out of the war-torn region.

"The Ukrainian national police belief that this guy was tied to a Middle-Eastern organ smuggling ring," Posobiec said.

"Don't tell me it's a conspiracy theory!" Posobiec said. He spoke about the mothers, fathers, and children broken by human trafficking.

For the attendees, he said "talk is not good enough." Turning Point Action was formed as a political action group, to encourage and inspire political activists and create a groundswell of support to shift the political status of conservatism in America.

Posobiec demanded action from the crowd, saying that the US is "not some idea," as Biden repeatedly says.

"The United States of America is our home, and we will defend our home. This is our last stand. There's nowhere else to go," he said. And clearly that feeling was palpable in the crowd.

"Our home is hurting," he said, and "it's everyone's job, it's the adults' job" to heal it.

And as for the globalists who are trying to take down the US, he said "we're on to you."

Posobiec spoke about the recent Supreme Court decision that struck down affirmative action for colleges and universities, saying that merit-based admissions are fair and necessary to secure America's future success. 

Posobiec spoke about the 2024 presidential election, saying that while he wished DeSantis had come to speak at Turning Point Action, Trump is the best candidate for the White House. As regards the political prosecution, the weaponization of Biden's Department of Justice, and the numerous indictments leveled at Trump, Posobiec said they would not stop his ascendence.

In fact, if Trump is not permitted to be on the ballot, Posobiec believes Americans will write him in. Trump is polling neck and neck with President Biden, and is the clear front-runner in the in the GOP primary race. Trump spoke at Turning Point Action on Saturday night to a packed house, and as he recounted his victories and discussed his plans for his second term in office, the audience gave their support.

"In the United States of America there is only room for one flag and one Pride movement and that is American pride and the American flag," he said to applause and cheers.

"I will not allow my children to be raised to pledge allegiance to any other flag," he said.

He has been true to his word to defend the nation and his Catholic faith, and spoke about a recent trip to LA, where he and hundreds of others stood up against a Dodgers organization that sought to honor anti-Christian drag nun group the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

"We don't have time for anything but prayer and action," he said, "this is the spiritual warfare we are called to," and further stated that "everything that is happening today was foretold in the Bible."

He led the faithful in the Lord's Prayer, and ended with a standing ovation from an adoring crowd.

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