POSOBIEC and EMMONS: Trump is the only leader calling for peace in Ukraine while Democrats and liberals embrace cluster bombs

President Trump is the only world leader persistently and consistently calling for peace in Urkaine, Libby Emmons and Jack Posobiec noted on Wednesday's Human Events. While President Biden continues to declare that the US will back the war indeterimately into the future, and has sent tanks, planes, cluster bombs, and is considering long-range weapons, Trump repeatedly calls for peace negotiations.

If Biden has an end game that involves peace negotiations, that has not been made clear. Instead, Biden, neo-cons like Mike Pence, and other US leaders beat the drum of war and state that backing Ukraine militarility, financially, and with humanitarian aid is the only right thing to do. Yet the US seems to have neither a plan for peace nor a plan for war, Emmons indicated.

"I think that we have not seen much of a call for peace," Emmons said. "We have heard the Biden administration speak about how Russia could end this war in a moment, but we also heard President Zelensky say that the war would not be over until Crimea was back part of Ukraine." Russia annexed Crimea in 2014.

Emmons mentioned that Ukraine cannot carry out, according to their constitution, a presidential election until the conflict has been resolved. The country doesn't allow an election to take place during war time. 

"I wonder what the end game is for the Biden administration. And as we heard this morning, when Biden was addressing NATO and then addressing a square in Vilnius: It does not seem like they have any plan for an end to the war." She went on to mention that the Biden administration has offered virtually no path to peace in Eastern Europe, which raises questions about the potential benefit a war with Russia has for the US.

Ukraine has also been pushing for entry into NATO, and has a provision in their constitution that states this is a goal. However, Ukraine cannot join NATO while they are at war. On Thursday, NATO indicated that Ukraine would be permitted to join the alliance once the war has ended. Previous bids for entry were stopped over corruption concerns.

Emmons' expounded on her recent piece for Human Events, which draws out all the promises that Biden has broken since the conflict in Ukraine began, including sending F-16 fighter jets, using cluster bombs, and sending Abrams tanks.

Emmons noted that there are "several clear roads" ahead that could mean direct conflict between the US and Russia. And as soon as the US in directly engaged with Russia, that triggers Article Five of the NATO agreement, which would drag all NATO powers into the conflict against Russia. 

She continued: "We need to know what is being considered here, as we look at our own sons and daughters, as we look at our own, you know, unfilfilled recruitment numbers in our military, we need to understand what we're looking at and what the impmacts would be on the US."

"Nobody voted for" this conflict, Posobiec said. "Nobody voted for us to escalate in Ukraine. Nobody voted for us to get into this. Which, by the way, just has to be said that one of the reasons the Axis powers declared war on the United States, even World War II, as you mentioned, was because the United States was constantly funneling weapons, material equipment, to the then-Allied Powers, which did not yet include the United States."

"The enemy gets a vote," Posobiec said. While the US continues to say that the country is backing Ukraine, and not directly engaging in war with Russia, it is unclear at what point Russia would consider the US funnelling funds and weapons to the front as an act of aggression.

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