Man who was beaten nearly to death by Sarah Jane Baker speaks out after trans felon's latest arrest for violent threats against women

Sarah Jane Baker went to prison for attempted kidnapping and murder. The victim of Baker's crime was Darren Sheridan, Baker's step-mother's brother. He has spoken out for the first time after Baker, who served 30 years, was arrested again, this time for violent threats against women.

Sheridan, who was victimized by Baker when he was a teenager, is now a 52-year-old hospital worker who said he was savagely beaten and tormented by both Baker and Baker's brother over a 24-hour period. Sheridan said he feared for his life.

Baker, Sheridan said, is a "dangerous, violent individual." Sheridan also said that he still has scars from the encounter. He believes that Baker's views are extremist. 

"I think it is extreme to have those kind of views. I know she has anger issues but there's still no right to say 'punch somebody in the face,'" he told The Daily Mail.

Baker cut off his own testicles while in prison in a successful bid to get the prison to give him estrogen, and was convicted while in prison for the attempted murder of another prisoner.

Baker was attending London Trans Pride, and is a vocal member of that group. Baker was given a chance to speak at the event, and told the crowd that women who believe that biological sex is real should be punched "in their f*cking face." 

"I was gonna come here and be really fluffy," Baker said to the assembled crowd at London Trans Pride, "and be really nice and say 'yeah, be really lovely and queer and gay.' Nah. If you see a TERF, punch them in the f*cking face!"

"I think if people disagree with other people about issues it's much better to have a debate about it then threaten people. By telling the crowd to punch a TERF, she clearly still has anger issues and is a dangerous, violent person," Sheridan said.

As to his ordeal, Sheridan described it as one he was not sure he would survive, and both Baker brothers were sentenced to seven years in prison for it. Sarah Jane Baker endured an additional sentence for attempting to strangle a fellow inmate to death.

Sheridan said the Baker brothers were not at all remorseful for what they'd done, which included beating and forced sex acts before being tied up and left for dead. If paramedics hadn't found him, he would have died within the hour.

The issue between the Baker brothers and Sheridan was a family dispute in which Sheridan said he was not a part. Sheridan said he still suffers emotional scars, as well as physical ones, including marks from where the Baker brothers put out cigarettes on his neck.

"I thought I was going to die but in the court case they said that the only thing they regretted about it was that they couldn't break me," Sheridan said. 

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