BREAKING: Infamous activist who called for violence against women at London 'trans pride' event while waving Antifa flag ARRESTED

Trans-identified convicted felon and London gangster Sarah Jane Baker has been arrested following violent threats made against women during London Trans Pride on Saturday.

Police took Baker into custody on Wednesday on suspicion of inciting violence, video shows.

While the arresting officer escorted Baker out to the police vehicle, the trans-identified criminal chanted: "Trans rights are human rights. One struggle one fight."

"Our existence is our resistance," Baker added, while the officer informed him that he was being placed under arrest.

Baker, who spent 30 years in prison after being convicted for attempted murder and kidnapping who cut his testicles off while serving a 30-year prison term in the UK, called for extreme violence against women at London Trans Pride over the weekend.

"I was gonna come here and be really fluffy," Baker said to the assembled crowd, "and be really nice and say 'yeah, be really lovely and queer and gay.' Nah. If you see a TERF, punch them in the f*cking face!"

Following those remarks, an individual reported Baker for inciting violence. Met police intitally declined to open an investigation stating that Baker's comments were protected under free speech laws, but re-opened the case following an influx of complaints.

"We are aware of a video filmed in Westminster on Saturday, 8 July showing a speaker making remarks during the Trans Pride event. We have received a number of reports in relation to the video. The case was initially closed with no further action," a Met police spokesman told Daily Mail. "This has been reviewed and the crime report has been re-opened."

This is a developing story.

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