REVEALED: Wife of US Attorney for DC who refused to prosecute Hunter Biden had 'all-access pass' to White House

Jack Posobiec spoke with investigative journalist Julie Kelly about why the wife of the US attorney for Washington, DC, Matthew Graves, has had an "all-access" pass to the White House, despite President Joe Biden insisting that the White House and Justice Department are completely separate entitites. Graves refused to allow Hunter Biden to be prosecuted in his district, according to IRS whistleblower Gary Shapely.

"Every time we hear from Joe Biden that the Department of Justice is completely independent of the White House," Posobiec said. "There's no collusion ... He doesn't even know where the Department of Justice is. He doesn't even remember who the attorney general is, which honestly might be true, but probably for other reasons."

Posobiec asked Kelly why the wife of the DC attorney would have such access to the White House.

Kelly stated that Fatima Goss Graves, the US attorney's wife, also the CEO "and president of a very well-funded, 100-million-dollar nonprofit called the National Women's Law Center," had visited the White House "28 times since Joe Biden was elected or became president. Her invitation to the White House increased exponentially ... after her husband, Matthew Graves, was confirmed by the Senate in November 2021."

"She has attended high-level events with the President, with Dr. Jill, with Kamala Harris. She has met, at least on three occasions, with one of Kamala Harris's top advisors."

"So I pose those questions in my piece on my Substack, and suggest that House Republicans now want to talk to Matt Graves, after the IRS whistleblower said that he declined to the client to prosecute Hunter Biden for tax crimes committed in 2014 and 2015 in Washington DC.

"According to that IRS whistleblower, Matthew Graves made that decision in March of 2022. That month, according to White House visitor logs, his wife visited the White House five times. Is she discussing this criminal investigation with anyone at the White House? Is this a quid pro quo, a way to reward Matthew Graves for continuing to round up criminally charged Trump supporters and Trump advisors [from Jan 6]?"

Posobiec responded: "And this is something where House Republicans clearly have the ability to come in and put pressure, and just shine a light on what exactly is going on in this situation. Because Julie, and as you've reported, we were told again and again, that Matthew Graves is completely independent, that the Department of Justice is completely independent."

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