EXCLUSIVE: Darren Beattie and Jack Posobiec reveal Macron’s cowardice in handling France race riots

Jack Posobiec of Human Events and Darren Beattie of Revolver News discussed the race riots that have ravaged France over the past week, and what would have to happen in order to bring peace back to the European country. 

Posobiec said the situation in France began with "a George Floyd, Derek Chauvin kind of situation, where you had an officer who had to discharge his firearm on a driver, who was of Algerian descent, about 17 years old, he was killed."

"You can see in the video that he was actually attempting to run over the other officer who was on the hood of the car, and of course, the French media will not report this. Yet, I seem to see a lot of conservatives saying this is happening because it's a Marxist plot. It's Antifa. It's those type of things. Is this really political violence that we're seeing in France right now? Or is something else at play?"

Beattie responded: "I guess it depends, you know, what one's definition of political violence actually is. I mean, it exists within a political context of the French government, much like the governments of pretty much every other Western nation, deliberately enacting a policy of self-dispossession when it comes to their own country and their own people. And so you have a substantial percentage of people living in France, particularly in the cities like Paris, who are from vastly different cultures, and not only from different cultures, but who have been kind of enabled by continuous propaganda, removing any accountability from their actions."

Beattie mentioned that though much of the violence done in France seems like a real constitutional crisis, "it is kind of interesting how these things can always kind of be quelled."

Posobiec mentioned that the French government has been willing to use "great violence" in addressing the race riots. Since the riots began, French law enforcement has increased from 7,000 to around 45,000, though the amount of crime is reportedly decreasing. The host added that although the French government cut the internet over the weekend, this does not represent a long-term solution for the nation.

Beattie agreed, saying this route only "contains it until the next inflammation and again, it's, you know, if they really wanted to solve it, they could, you know, it's not as though these populations possess actual power and force. If the French government and really the overwhelming majority of French people, decided they wanted to put an end to this for good, they could do it within a matter of weeks."

"Of course, there would be international condemnation, whining about human rights, but the physical element of doing that is well within the capacities of the French government and the French people."

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