Vatican investigates Texas Bishop Joseph Strickland after leading Prayer March outside LA Dodgers stadium, social media posts critical of Pope Francis

The Vatican has undertaken an investigation into Tyler Texas Bishop Joseph Strickland after he led the Prayer March outside LA Dodgers. 

Catholic News Agency reports that a source confirmed that "the process addressed the bishop’s social media use but also questions related to diocesan management."

Strickland headed up the protest against the Dodgers' hosting the drag-nun group, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, who make a mockery of Catholicism and the faithful. He was joined by Jack Posobiec, who declared the protest to be one of love.

"I often say, we need to be first century Christians in the twenty-first century,” Strickland declared at that event. “Probably most of us will not be called on to shed our blood, but if we are, we need to be ready, like the martyrs. But more importantly, we need to live our martyrdom. We need to live as those ready to die and ready to live for the blood that was shed for us all.”

Strickland is an outspoken conservative, and upholds a strict pro-life stance on abortion and traditional marriage. He is in favor of Latin Mass, something Pope Francis has opposed, and Catholic orthodoxy.

Among those infractions that led to the investigation, what is called an apostolic visitation, are social media posts, including one in which he said that Pope Francis is "undermining the Deposit of Faith."

At issue was the Catholic radio host Patrick Coffin, who published an article in 2022 stating that Pope Francis is "an antipope," or a man who is "falsely believed to be the legitimate pope."

"Please allow me to clarify," Strickland said, "regarding, 'Patrick Coffin has challenged the authenticity of the Pope Francis.' If this is accurate I disagree, I believe Pope Francis is the Pope but it is time for me to say that I reject his program of undermining the Deposit of Faith. Follow Jesus."

Strickland, with this post, was defending Pope Francis, while stating a disagreement. The Deposit of Faith is the "body of saving truth" that was given from Christ to the Apostles and is held by the Church throughout all ages.

On June 21, Strickland offered another post, this time in opposition to the Vatican's suggestion, via offical document, that questions would be raised within the Church as to whether there should be women deacons, married priests, and more LGBTQ inclusion.

“It is a travesty that these things are even proposed for discussion. I pray that all who truly know Jesus Christ will not be deceived by this path,” he said. “The Gospel welcomes all to repentance & sanctity, if there is no repentance the barriers to sanctity remain.”

The Bishop for Los Angeles refused to take part in the procession outside Dodgers Stadium, and Strickland was criticized for venturing outside of his jurisdiction. The Archdiocese said they had not given "backing or approval" for the protest.

Still, the reason for the apostolic visit is not known, and interviews lasted for a week before a meeting came between Strickland and those investigating.

The Tyler Texas diocese is reportedly considering who could be a good replacement for Strickland, who has overseen a high rate of seminarians seeking to enter the priesthood, with 21 men currently in priestly formation. The diocesan finances are also reportedly in good shape.

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