PRAYERFUL, PEACEFUL, POWERFUL: Jack Posobiec leads thousands in massively successful protest against anti-Catholic ‘drag nuns’ group outside of Dodger Stadium

The LA Dodgers announcement that they would be hosting drag nun performance group The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for their June Pride night, awarding and honoring the group for their community service, was met with shock and not a little horror by the Catholic faithful.

When the initial pushback against the event was unsuccessful, with the Dodgers cancelling then reinstating the event, Human Events' Jack Posobiec teamed with other organizers to stage a protest against the presentation on Friday.

The gathering was huge, with thousands in attendance. Jack Posobiec led the crowd in prayer and peaceful protest. 

"We are here today not out of hatred," Posobiec said, noting that the events inside the stadium where sacrilegious in nature, and that people were there "not out of bigotry. We are here–and they'll never understand this, they'll never understand what we do–because this is from love."

"This is love. This is Christ's love. This is God's love. This is the love for our families. It's the love for our way of life, the love for our religion, the love for those who came before us," Posobiec said.

"And in this instance, we are here to defend the nuns, the sisters, the women who put their lives on the line, the women who put their blood on the line, time and time again. Whether it be in Mexico, or Spain, or Russia, or Poland, or any of the places where the nuns were killed, where the nuns were attacked and destroyed. In the name of their religion, the same nuns who give their lives who work their fingers to the bone, for the poor, for the children, for the people who need it."

Sisters across the world have stepped out to help people in need and taken vows of poverty and chastity, only to be brutally murdered by cruel dictators for their efforts. This is true in Central America, Eastern Europe, and Asia. And still, sisters engage in the Lord's work.

Posobiec studied at Catholic schools, and learned from sisters who were also teachers, and in remembering the lessons he learned, he relayed to the crowd, "I will never stand down. I will never be silent. I will never go home."

"You are about to activate every single Catholic, every single Christian, every single religous believer in this enture country. I believe in my heart of hearts, because when one of those freaks puts on that make-up, and claims that they're a sister, a member of a religous order, we know that's an illusion. We know that is false."

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is a drag group that makes fun of Catholicism, spinning Jesus' phrase "go forth and sin no more" into "go forth and sin some more." The New Testament story is a poignant one, in which Jesus comes across a mob about to stone an adulterous woman to death. He tells them, "let he who is without sin cast the first stone," shaming the mob into abandoning their murderous rage.

He lifts the woman up, now repreived from a painful death, and tells her to "go forth and sin no more." The group of drag nuns, with names like Sister Missionary Position, Sister Tilda Nextime, hosts Foxy Mary and Hunky Jesus contests. They writhe on crosses, blaspheme the Catholic faith, and are praised publicly for it. This is what the Dodgers saw fit to honor at their baseball game, as an opener to America's national pasttime. 

"They are not the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence," Posobiec said. "They are the Sisters of Demonic Possession. That is what they are. We've all gathered here today, with the bishops with the priests to perform an exorcism. Because we need to exorcise Dodger Stadium, we need to exercise the demons from within our midst."

Posobiec referenced the story of Jesus in the desert, when he leaves his apostles and followers and goes to meditate and fast for forty days. During that time, scripture says that the Devil tempted him three times. He tempted Jesus to feed himself by turning stones into bread, and abandoning his fast. He took Jesus to the Temple, and said to prove he was the son of God by throwing himself from the parapets. The final temptation was when Satan promised Jesus all the riches and pleasures of the world if he would only worship Satan and not God. Scripture says Jesus refused all three.

Later, when tempted with the prospect of avoiding his Passion, the fate of wrongful conviction and death by crucifixtion, he says "Get thee behind me, Satan!" And proclaims that it it not the will of man that he must obey, but of God.

"Because we know that when the serpent approaches you in the desert, what do you say?" Posobiec asked. "You say 'Get behind me Satan! Get behind me Satan! Get behind me Satan!' And it's as simple as that.

"Because when they put that makeup their face, they're concealing their true self and they're making a mockery of us. They are the mockery, they are the mockery of all that is true. They are the mockery of all that is right. They are the mockery of the greatest truth in the entire universe: that Christ is our King and they know it and they are not.

"They want us to be scared of them. They are scared of us. They are scared of the truth and that is why they paint their faces. That is why they hide themselves that That is why they wear the white makeup.

"Because deep down, they're terrified to face even themselves. Because when they look in the mirror, they know that God is staring back at them.

"And I pray for them. I do. I do pray for them," he said. "And we should all pray for them today. Because this is not a fight of flesh and blood. This is a spiritual war. We're at war against the principalities, we are against the war of wickedness in high places. And today, I urge all of you and I know all of you already have to put on the full armor. We are wearing the full armor today, every single person within the sound of my voice, the thousands that are here and the millions that are watching back at home today."

The faithful are not disheartened by drag shows, or by adult choosing to live differently, as much as it may not be in line with their own faith and belief. What is truly hard to swallow is the outright and persistent celebration of the mockery and hatred shown to Catholics and the Catholic faith by the wanton display of blasphemy and sacreligiousity. That men should dress as disgraced nuns for their own amusement is one thing, but that it should be embraced, celebrated, and elevated to a place of high influence and regalia is much harder to accept. 

What it shows is that society and culture have been fully transformed into one that is anti-faith, anti-Christ, and anti-Christian. The American way of life that holds up strong families as the core of society has been destroyed, and the faithful of all stripes are finding that they need to take a stand to preserve the way of life that they value most, before it is mocked and eradicated into oblivion.

The peaceful demonstrators proceeded to block the entrance of Dodger Stadium for a while. This contibuted to the fact that almost nobody was in attendance to see the LA Dodgers honor the demonic drag nun group.

Posobiec's powerful, peaceful, and passionate message is one that can give strength and solace to religous believers who can know that they're not alone, they're not lost, in fact, they are part of a mighty community of faithful who can and will be present and public with their faith.

"My name is Jack Posobiec," he said to cheers from the crowd, "served in the United States Navy. I've been a Catholic my whole life. My family's Polish, and in Poland, we've seen this before. My wife was born in the Soviet Union. She's seen this before. Because we know that they always come for one group first. They always come for the Church first. And that's why we're not going to let them take it folks."

And he ended by leading the faithful in the Lord's Prayer in Latin. The large gathering all knew the words, and spoke it along with him. Together, they formed one church.

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