British TikTok menace 'Mizzy' faces charges for hijacking train control room

A London-based TikToker who was arrested on Friday now faces a new charge for allegedly endangering the public after filming himself entering the cab of a train and messing with the controls. The video shows Bacari-Bronze O'garro, also known as Mizzy, picking up the hand mic and asking, "Hello, can I call the police?" 

According to the Daily Mail, O'garro remains in bars because his mother is fed up with his antics and doesn't want him back home. The 18-year-old has three separate charges at the Magistrates' Court in Bow, East London, for other pranks he allegedly committed. 

Friday's arrest comes after Judge Charlotte Crangle issued the two-year criminal behavior that said he was not allowed to post videos to social media without the "documented consent" of those in the videos. He allegedly breached the order later that day. 

The ban was imposed after he pleaded not guilty to three separate breaches of criminal behavior orders after he was charged for barging into a £2 million property in Dalston East London. 

Prosecutor Rose Edwin commented, "The defendant has shown blatant disregard [for] complying with court orders." 

O'garro has gained notoriety as an internet prankster. He has filmed videos of him stealing a pet dog, destroying library books, and getting into a stranger's car and claiming it was his Uber. 

On Wednesday, he told Piers Morgan that "UK laws are weak." During the contentious interview, Morgan asked, "A lot of the stuff you do could have consequences far more serious but you don't care do you, as long as you get a laugh?" 

"Of course, I care... I have remorse," O'garro replied, but "I don't need to come up with a sincere apology, I have my own remorse." 

Morgan ended the interview by saying, "You're just a complete moron." 

Recording in jail, O'garro promised in a video that "We're gonna keep doing what we're doing."

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