London Pride to amplify trans, non-binary identities

Pride in London has revealed its 2023 campaign to effectively push gay and lesbian people to the back while highlighting the trans and non-binary communities. The report, from Gay Times, suggests that trans people are experiencing “hatred from politicians and the media,” noting that trans rights are part of a debate referred to as the “trans debate.” 

London Mayor Sadiq Khan got fully on board, saying: “Pride in London has helped to change our society. It’s part of the reason London is renowned across the globe as a beacon of inclusion and diversity. I’m pleased that this year’s campaign will be in support of the capital’s trans and non-binary community.”

However, laws that address the trans community are not taking away trans rights. Such laws are implemented to protect minors from undergoing life-altering surgeries and medical treatments that they may not fully understand or consent to. There are also rules in place that bar trans people from competing in sports reserved for the opposite sex, as a man who identifies as a woman has a strong advantage over biological females. It is an exercise in woke snobbery to suggest that trans people do not have the same rights as everyone else.

The report says that the “new campaign,” known as “Never March Alone,” will be aimed at showing the “joy within the trans+ community and the brilliant, multi-faceted individuals that it encompasses.” However, that does not appear to be the reality on social media, where the hashtag “The LGB” is currently trending, seeming to suggest that there is a divide between LGB and TQ+ communities. 

One Twitter user suggested that TQ+ community is not who they are fighting for, tweeting: “As a gay man I really wish all this woke, leftist, pro-trans garbage would just stop. This vocal minority is going to set the LGB community back decades. Budweiser and Target are great examples of taking things way to[o] far and how it’s impacting the rest of us. Those companies are paying for it financially and in the long run so will the LGB community.”

“Note I am a member of the original LGB community. I don’t recognize the rest of the alphabet soup as being part of my team. I want them to be safe and have rights. Just don’t include me in your fight.”

The report noted that the event will “come to life” through a series of “photographic and video portraits” of members of the trans and non-binary community. They are expected to be displayed on digital billboards and social media.

But not all members of the LGBTQIA+ community are necessarily in support of this, with another Twitter user posting to the social media platform: “... They [TQ+ community] didn’t win us any rights. In fact they will be the reason we lose them in the end.”

The event was apparently developed by a group of trans activists, including Mz Kimberly, Hannah and Jake Graf, and Dani St. James, who will work to “highlight the importance, vitality and unwavering spirit of trans and non-binary people.” However, it is unclear how the LGB community fits into this scene, other than acting as background support for a controversial agenda.

Another Twitter user chimed in, saying that “everything after the ‘LGB’ is straight people,” seeming to suggest that the trans and non-binary community does not belong in the LGB community, a group of people who have spent decades advocating for equal rights around the world. Some trans masculine people, or trans-identified women, also identify as gay men, meaning that essentially they are straight women. The abundance of trans-identified males who claim to be lesbians has been a source of contention for actual lesbians looking to find companionship on dating apps.

Khan said that “London is renowned across the globe as a beacon of inclusion and diversity, and Pride is part of the reason.”

“The march of solidarity and celebration has helped to change our society and I’m pleased that this year’s campaign will be in support of the capital’s trans and non-binary community. In London you are free to be who you want to be and to love you want to love, and in July more than 1.5m people will once again take to the streets to send that message to the world.”

If the TQ+ community wishes to hold their own events, they are free to do so, but it is wrong to claim partnership with the LGB community when so many members of it do not agree with the woke exhibitionism so prevalent in the trans movement.

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