'Just Stop Oil' activists clog roads in London after coronation

An angry Range Rover driver shouted “c*nt” at a group of Just Stop Oil activists who had quickly returned to the streets of London after the King’s Coronation, per Daily Mail.

Protesters appear in Marble Arch and around the Piccadilly area, angering people who were attempting to travel along the road they were protesting on. The protesters were also walking very slowly, which added to the frustration. 

The authorities were spotted at the scene, attempting to persuade the protesters to move off the road and onto the sidewalk. The recent development comes after Scotland Yard made 64 arrests on coronation day, with 46 people bailed out of jail after being kept in custody for suspicion of causing a public nuisance, per the report.

One of the protesters could be heard yelling through a megaphone: “I am 30 years old, I have a niece who is six, I would one day like to have children but the government are not safeguarding our future.”

She went on to blame the British government for opening new oil and gas licenses, which she described as “war against the young.”

The Daily Mail reported that there were a number of arrests made during King Charles’ crowning on Saturday. The report noted that breach of the peace, sexual assault, and conspiracy to cause a public nuisance were among the several charges brought against those who were arrested.

There were reportedly 20,000 people who gathered on the castle’s east terrace for the celebration of the first crowning of a British monarch in 70 years. There were a number of pop and movie stars, including Katy Perry, who performed her hit song “Roar” for the massive audience. 

Tom Cruise, the star of “Top Gun,” appeared in a recorded video message, saying: “Pilot to pilot. Your Majesty, you can be my wingman any time.”

Image: Title: just stop oil