Epstein pal Prince Andrew BOOED as he arrives at King Charles' coronation

On Saturday, 63-year-old British Prince Andrew, a former cohort of  infamous child predator Jeffrey Epstein, was booed by a crowd littered on the Mall, a road leading from Buckingham Palace, as he was on his way to the coronation of his brother, King Charles III, in Westminster Abbey.

According to the Independent, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, has no formal role in the coronation of his brother and is only planning on attending the ceremonies. 

Virginia Guiffre, an alleged victim of Epstein's sex trafficking, accused Andrew of sexual assault in 2019. That same year he stepped down from his public duties and in 2022 he was stripped of his "Royal Highness," or HRH, status. In February of 2022, Andrew settled a lawsuit brought by Guiffre that resulted in him paying out millions.

The Daily Express reports, anti-monarchy protesters at the coronation were told that if they said anything about "Prince Andrew and the sex stuff" they would be arrested.

While attending the coronation, Andrew did not sit with the Royal Family's working members but was seated in the third row, where Prince Harry was also relegated.

Jeffrey Epstein was convicted for procuring child prostitution in 2008 in Florida. Epstein was arrested on additional sex crime charges related to abusing minors but died in 2019 under dubious circumstances that were reported as a suicide. Epstein's private plane, the "Lolita Express," was used to transport political and media figures including Prince Andrew, Bill Gates, and Bill Clinton to the island. Epstein's victims have said he kept black books of his contacts to whom underage girls were supplied.

The books used in the trial against Epstein's partner, Ghislaine Maxwel, who was found guilty of minor sex trafficking and minor sexual abuse in December of 2021 for her role in helping Epstein. She was sentenced to 20 years in prison in June 2022.

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