POSOBIEC: Congress must evaluate whistleblower protections for the Ukraine papers leaker

Congress must evaluate whether Jack Teixeira deserves whistleblower protections. He leaked these documents in the interest of the American people who deserve to know that war is being waged in our name.

Teixeira exposed lies about the war. While he may not have followed proper procedure, there can be no doubt that this was a moral good.

Yet the media is more concerned with going after the kid who exposed Biden’s lies in the Ukraine war than the lies themselves. 

There’s a reason for that.

The Biden administration is waging a regime change war in Ukraine, and they don't want you to know about it. They haven't asked Congress to authorize a war, they feed lies to corporate media that the war is going well for US-backed Ukraine, and they make blanket declarations that the US is in it to win it and will stay engaged until the end.

What a “win” looks like has not been made clear. But after the documents leaked by Teixeira revealed that the administration is preparing for an eventuality where Russian President Putin is dead, it becomes apparent what kind of end result US officials are seeking.

The documents show they US troops are on the ground fighting, along with soldiers from the UK. We were promised by Biden a year ago that US troops would not be on the ground.

Since then, it's been revealed that the US has been “helping” Ukraine’s forces target Russian assets, actively engaging in combat, inflating reports of operational success, and now directly lying to the American people and their representatives in Congress about those actions.

Look how fast the federal government took down a guy who exposed the lies on the Ukraine War. Yet it’s been a year since the Dobbs leak in the middle of an election year and the government hasn't done a thing about it. They don't care about leaks, and they only care about leakers that expose their lies.

Media is losing it, knowing that all their Ukraine lies were exposed by a 21-year-old gamer. 

The documents show that the Biden administration has been lying about the Ukraine War since day one and they are reading the truth daily while telling the public the opposite. 

Their response? “Hey! Look at this kid!”

Are you paying attention yet?

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