POSOBIEC: Leaked war plans indicate the US may be directly involved in Ukraine's spring offensive

Jack Posobiec appeared on War Room with Steve Bannon late last week to discuss the nature of American involvement in the Ukraine war. Though at the beginning it seemed that this was a proxy conflict, recent classified documents have been leaked that seem to suggest that there are American soldiers on the ground in Ukraine, fighting directly against the Russians.

Bannon kicked off the segment by saying that though he and Posobiec were “cynical” about the Biden administration’s dealings in Ukraine, he was shocked to learn that “we [are] actually at war with Russia and Ukraine,” adding that this is “not a proxy war,” this is a real war that has been brought to light by the recent leak of classified government documents.

Bannon continued by saying that the recent revelations were “stunning and some of the revelations about the triumphalist narrative have been put to rest by the actual leaking of this war plan.”

Posobiec chimed in, saying: “So looking at the documents that I have reviewed, I’m not going to be releasing them because of course, it looks as though there are Americans and other American allies, NATO allies, in harm’s way. But when you look at the scope of what’s in here, we really must ask the question: Has the Biden administration been lying to the American people, and have Biden administration officials been lying to Congress about the numbers and about the footprint of American soldiers and special operators, particularly when it comes to Ukraine?”

He continued: “Are we directly involved with planning a spring offensive? Everyone’s talked about a spring offensive that’s going to be coming from Ukraine. They’re saying this is the big moment Zelensky has talked about.”

There has been speculation that a spring offensive could be imminent. At one point, there was reportedly talk of the offensive coming at the end of March, but there are others who have suggested it will happen at the end of April.

“I don’t know that the American people realize the direct role that Americans are playing in this operation, not just the targeting, which we already knew would come out, that the Pentagon has confirmed, but they’re also saying direct training of these forces before putting them into battle with the Russians,” Posobiec said. 

Posobiec went on to suggest that the Russians must have these documents, and that they may have even more intel since information is gathered after they capture brigades and various battalions on the Ukrainian side. He goes on to ruminate over why the US does not appear to have a peace plan in place, which may have something to do with making Europe more reliant on the US.

Posobiec said: “They're making all of Europe much more dependent on the United States, not only for the energy supply with the LNG, which was what the destruction of Nord Stream led to, but also for military security. This puts so much of Europe and Western Europe on the back foot when it comes to dependence on the United States. You got so many people that are making money off of this thing, and unfortunately, Steve, we can see some of these numbers. These are similar numbers to what the EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said.”

“You're talking about a four-to-one death ratio. A four-to-one death ratio of Ukrainians to Russians, and so you've got nearly 100,000 killed.”

Bannon chimed in, suggesting that the documents say that 70,000 Ukrainians have died, while just 17,000 Russians have been killed in the conflict.

It is uncertain if the US does, in fact, have plans to initiate a peace deal in the Ukrainian conflict. French President Emmanuel Macron recently visited Beijing, urging Chinese President Xi Jinping to talk sense into Russian President Vladimir Putin, but it remains unknown if anything has come of it.

Reports are still coming out about the nature of the leaked documents and what they entail. It appears the documents were released by someone who worked on a military base, but the investigation is still ongoing.

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