Leaked Pentagon documents reveal Serbia's intent to provide arms to Ukraine, Defense Minister denies claim

Serbia is set to provide weapons to Ukraine, if they have not done so already, according to a classified government document. This comes as the country has announced its neutrality concerning the war in Ukraine. The small country also refused to sanction Russia over its invasion of Ukraine in 2022, per Reuters.

The classified document in question was part of a massive government documents leak that took place last week. According to reports, the documents were released to the public by a Discord moderator on a little-known meme website, but the details of the individual have yet to come to light.

The document centers around the European government’s responses to Ukraine’s plea for military training and “lethal aid”, per Reuters. The leaked document is apparently labeled as “Secret” and “NOFORN,” which is said to bar it from being shared or distributed to foreign intelligence services.

Though the document has not yet been authenticated, it did include the seal of the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. However, Milos Vucevic, Serbia’s Defense Minister, has denounced the information in the document, calling it “untrue.”

Vucevic said: "Serbia did not, nor will it be selling weapons to the Ukrainian nor the Russian side, nor to countries surrounding that conflict.”

Though the chart had indicated that Serbia did not take part in training Ukrainian soldiers, it did seem to suggest that Serbia did send lethal weapons, or is planning to. Vucevic’s statement about the document appears strange, as he said that it is possible that Serbian-made weapons could “magically appear” in Eastern European conflict, but “that has absolutely nothing to do with Serbia.” 

Vucevic continued: "Someone clearly wants to drag Serbia into that conflict, but we are diligently maintaining our policies.” 

None of the information within the many documents released to the public have been authenticated, though several governments have suggested that the information is false.

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