POSOBIEC and ALX: Jim Baker Proves Revolving Door Between Deep State and Big Tech Is a 'Big Problem'

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec went into detail on the firing of James Baker, after Elon Musk fired the former FBI agent and Twitter deputy general council James Baker

Posobiec was joined by ALX on the episode, and started by saying that James Baker "is a guy who resigned from the FBI during the Trump administration because of his role in the dirty Steele dossier. Well, as we talked about before, there`s a revolving door between the deep state and big tech. One of the biggest names of all of this was James Baker."

He continued: "James Baker found his golden parachute, his happy landing, was at Twitter as their general council. However, Elon Musk confirmed that James Baker was summarily fired, 'exited' in Elon's words, but what's interesting is what he was fired for."

Posobiec then spoke about journalist Matt Taibbi, who, along with Bari Weiss, was given the Twitter Files. Posobiec said that Taibbi "comes out and says that Baker intercepted the Twitter Files that came out on Friday night, and got a copy of them before they were sent to Matt Taibbi or to Bari Weiss, who's also doing a write-up of them."

"This is a big problem," Posobiec said, "and apparently, that was not supposed to happen. Twitter's new management was not supposed to know about it, and then it also, perhaps, answers a question for us, because we are asking, here's all the evidence to the FBI warnings. We know that Yoel Roth was in there talking about the FBI, he filed the declaration for the FEC that said that the FBI warned us about Hunter Biden."

"Yet, suddenly, all those references are gone from the Twitter files. How could that be? Why could that be? Was James Baker perhaps involved in scrubbing the Twitter Files? Well, guess what. Elon Musk came out and confirmed that data was deleted from the Twitter Files," said Posobiec.

To break this down, Jack Posobiec was joined by digital strategist and "former Twitter POW" and Turning Point ambassador ALX.

"If you noticed the day that it was supposed to be released, it was supposed to be released at 5 pm EST, but then 5 pm EST came around, and no release. Elon followed up 40 minutes later saying that there was some legal stuff," ALX noted.

"Clearly, I'm not sure who exactly sent it to Jim Baker, because it appears that Elon wasn't aware himself that it was in his hands and how he intercepted it. It was just a man named Jim revealing this, he didn't know that it was Jim Baker.

"Today, you just see that he replied that there were actual deletions happening, and I'm wondering if there's some sort of backup. I wonder if they're trying to recover any of the evidence that they can. 

"It does seem like he was deleting and trying to cover up things... that's not too much of a stretch of your imagination if you're familiar with his background with everything that he's done at the FBI. That's got to make you wonder, how was he not purged in the initial purge with all of these activists, along with Vijaya Gadde... and everyone else in the initial purge. How was he not purged with all of them? It was very well known that this is his character and that he would take any opportunity to cover up for his friends and for himself."

Posobiec interjected that Musk had replied to a tweet by Mike Cernovich that "talked about James Baker."

"I'm not going to go 4D chess on this and say it was a setup, etc. But, clearly, this is a guy who was on Elon's radar, and he was kept on for a little while and then eventually let go. That's the same thing that happened with Yoel, he was kept for a bit and then fired as well," he said, referring to Yoel Roth.

"I'll be fair, there are people saying that this is a basic legal review, he's making sure there are no phone numbers and bank records and things like that, which, by the way, was something that was a huge issue in the Hunter Biden laptop because there is financial information in there, personal banking info, cell phones, text messages, cell phone numbers for the president, so that is stuff you have to look at," Posobiec concluded before cutting to break.
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