Pop Culture Warriors: Tim Pool

Pop Culture Warriors with Lisa De Pasquale is an interview column dedicated to the significant work of freedom lovers who chose the path of more resistance. Not only are these pop culture warriors fighting the predominant groupthink in entertainment, but also the predominant groupthink on the right side of politics that entertainment doesn’t matter or that the pop culture war is lost. The purpose of this column is to highlight their projects and contributions to expand freedom in new, exciting, and counterculture ways.  


This week’s guest on Pop Culture Warriors with Lisa De Pasquale: Tim Pool

Frequent Timcast guest Michael Malice told me, “The thing with Tim Pool as opposed to a corporate media news show is that you’re not sure what is going to happen next. When he had an episode with me and Alex Jones, none of the three of us knew what to expect. Compare that with every panel of talking heads on every cable news program.”

That was certainly case last week when Kanye West was (briefly) on the show before walking out. Probably for the best for everyone.

Many know Tim Pool from his successful, news-making podcast but many don’t know he’s also on the frontlines in the pop culture war by making his own music. If they only consume corporate media, many also might not know Pool’s music has dominated download charts. His hit, “Only Ever Wanted,” with former drummer of The Offspring, Pete Parada, surged to the top of the iTunes music charts in less than a day. Christian Toto noted that it landed “in the second spot overall below Britney Spears’ first new song in six years, ‘Hold Me Closer,’” a collaboration with Elton John.

Pool and Parada have continued dethroning pop royalty with their latest song, “Genocide,” entering at number 2 on Billboard rock digital charts and pushing past Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” to become number one on iTunes.

What inspires your music?

The same things as most people I assume--the world around me, current events, movies, and TV shows.

What was your childhood pop culture obsession?

I'm not sure I had one. Maybe skateboarding but I've never cared for the establishment of any culture.

What's a favorite gift you've given and gift you've received?

Not sure, at all.

What was your first concert and how did you get there?

My first concert was Fleadh, I went with my mom, and we stood in the mud to watch Elvis Costello. I don't recall enjoying it, ha.

Tell us about the last movie, TV show, book you consumed for entertainment.

I tried watching R.I.P.D. 2 on Netflix. I was bummed. They do this bit where the dead sheriff comes back to earth as a black woman and we get a mini-lecture on being disadvantaged. I get the idea, but it was poorly delivered.


What would you say to readers who say they’ve opted out of the pop culture war?

I don't expect anyone to cancel their Netflix or Disney for a mission, but it would be nice. We just need to build a new culture and create alternatives and win with capitalism.

What can readers do to support you and your projects?

Readers can buy our song “Genocide” on iTunes or support us at Timcast.com.


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