On the Sidewalks of New York: Fatwa on NYC

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  • 03/02/2023

On the Sidewalks of New York is a weekly feature at Human Events wherein Jacqueline Toboroff, a native New Yorker, will share her observations and candid commentary on the goings-on in our nation’s largest city. Wherever you live, and whatever you feel, there is no escaping the fact that New York City matters.


Leaders on the Left are feigning outrage and virtue signaling over a recent horror.  But Americans, New Yorkers, that no longer recognize the country and state in which they live since March 2020, aren’t the faintest bit surprised author Salman Rushdie was nearly murdered.  Tyrannical and unconstitutional bureaucratic mandates and a criminal organization BLM changed everything.  It’s been over two years; both cancers persist and lead to all roads of tearing the fabric of our Constitutional Republic.   

The time for mincing words is over. Let me be blunt; a man managed to thrive, despite having a fatwa on his head for decades (in this case the fatwa is a Muslim death sentence issued by Iranian leader Khamenei). Salman Rushdie comes to New York, to speak at the illustrious Chautauqua Festival, once praised by President Theodore Roosevelt as "the most American thing in America“, about “the United States [being] a place for exiled authors [and] a home for freedom of expression”, and had his face mutilated; “likely to lose an eye and on a ventilator.’  Luckily, he has pulled through.  No attack can sum up more perfectly that America and New York, formerly wed to the 1st amendment, Freedom of Speech, is an invitation to be harmed under our present environment. 

Post the Rushdie attack, we have an unrelated incident of a maddened truck driver crashing through a barricade around our fenced Capitol. He got out of the flaming vehicle, fired a couple of shots in the air, and then shot himself.  (No one was in the Capitol, they're on August recess).  It’s possible that the truck driver was otherwise normal, except driven mad by the bureaucratic tyranny, just as the Tunisian shopkeeper, who immolated himself in protest against tyranny, thereby setting off the Arab Spring (not to be confused with BLMs Summer of Love).   

While Rushdie’s attack isn’t the fictitious white on black violence the Left loves to highlight, hapless Biden, Macron, and Johnson commented on the gruesome occurrence as it was perpetrated publicly on a celebrity.  Alleged attacker, 24-year-old Hadi Matar, according to “law-enforcement”, is sympathetic to the Iranian government and unlike most, is being held without bail.  In the words of Anne Coulter, our new country under the Left is going to be great. 

Rushdie’s near murder is the result of Progressive policies and synthesizes America’s problem; the Left.    

The Left has brought us to a place where we must recognize Iran and New York have troubling similarities. Everyone in America, New York, and specifically Lefty stronghold New York City, has a fatwa on our heads. 

If we dare speak up against our regime, against false narratives pushed by our government, unelected bureaucrats, and the education complex, we’re treated as a threat.  How are challengers to the regime treated? They are cancelled, doxxed, fired, silenced, arrested, thrown out of school board meetings and schools, and labeled “domestic terrorists.”   

We are watching in real time the Progressive administrations at both Federal and local levels undo our freedoms. First, they need to make sure we’re neutralized.  Going after the second amendment is key. The Left wants to remove legal guns from lawful gun owners while letting the armed criminals criminalize unabated.  Meanwhile, the Biden administration is militarizing the IRS, bolstering the biased Federal agency with 87,000 new agents who must be willing to use 'deadly force.'  Other than willingness to kill Americans, what are the requirements?  Race, sex, allegiance to radical ideologies and the Democrat party?

How did we have an Iranian regime sympathizer in New York attend an event and be able to stab a man repeatedly? The apparatus meant to support us, funded by our tax dollars, has made it all but guaranteed.  Our leaders are consumed with all things causing Americans’ ruination. 

We have AG Letitia James obsessively pursuing President Trump while ignoring pursuit of BLM that burned New York City down to the ground.  We have Soros backed DAs handcuffing police and emboldening criminals.  We have the Governor’s bail reform and a radical City Council that voted to defund the NYPD.  But it is so much worse than what they are undoing - the law.  The real danger is what the radicals, now ensconced in the Democrat party caucus, implement.

The government, teachers union, unelected bureaucrats, and media, shamelessly alter news, change medical definitions, revise history, and insist we ignore our intuition, common sense, biology, math, and genetically wired self-defense mechanisms assessing danger.  Failing to do so means one is labeled a racist, homophobic, and xenophobe.

As creative Rushdie prepared to speak at the event in New York for “freedom of expression”, the Left has been busy squelching our freedoms of expression.  Books, movies, tv shows, and performances that don’t have an over representation of minorities that it considers minorities (not Jews because they’re considered white or Asians because they’re viewed as overachievers), are banned.  Museums remove employees, artwork and artists under the false pretense of diversity.  The American Museum of Natural History in New York City got rid of its iconic Theodore Roosevelt statue and The Art Institute of Chicago fired all of its trained volunteers and guides who were mostly older white women, to diversify.  The military, police, fire department and government agencies hire based on race and political bent.  New York City Mayor Adams has instructed city agencies to present him with headshots of potential hires atCity Hall.  How will he choose between two black applicants, whomever is the blackest?  Speaking out against this blatant racism is snuffed out by the regime; objectors are branded white supremacists.  

According to online publication Onsetla, airline workers are concerned for safety but voice concerns anonymously because “coming out” is too risky.  One Southwest flight attendant, a Hispanic female, says,  “They are compromising security for the sake of race, gender identity, and sexual desire … They’re risking people’s lives because of agendas.”  Safety concerns are prevalent throughout the aviation industry.  “In accordance with 10 airline workers who agreed to be interviewed. Four are pilots and six are flight attendants; most have 20 or more years of experience. All of them, including two American Airlines pilots, spoke on condition of anonymity to guard their jobs.”  This is a problem; not only are Americans terrified to speak, silence is safer than apparently a plane crash or a terrorist attack.   

Americans, New Yorkers, are cowed, just like those in other tyrannical regimes.  The only difference is, we are told we are free. 


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