Trump Lawyer Demands CIA Take Legal Action Against Ex-Agents Who Said Hunter Biden’s Laptop was Russian Disinformation

President Trump’s attorney is demanding the CIA take “immediate legal action” against 43 former employees who signed a letter in October of 2020 saying Hunter Biden’s laptop was inauthentic and part of a Russian disinformation campaign. 

“Media outlets used this purportedly credible intelligence assessment as a justification to not report on the story. Some polls show that up to 17% of people who voted for President Biden would not have if they knew about the contents of the laptop at the time,” attorney Timothy Parlatore wrote in a letter, obtained by Just the News, to the CIA’s Prepublication Classification Review Board Chairman John Hedley.

“It would not be an exaggeration to say that these former intelligence officials changed the outcome of the election through knowingly flagrant misconduct,” Parlatore said.

“[I]t is beyond apparent not only that the letter did not undergo the mandatory PCRB review but that it further used violative behavior that could have threatened national security and attempted to play upon the nation’s trust in its intelligence agencies to support a political talking point,” he noted. 

Parlatore observed that the letter from the ex-agents lacked the disclaimer required on all PCRB-reviewed publications, which states that the opinions are those of the author, not the CIA or any other federal agency and that the missing disclaimer, along with the quick publication of the letter, shows that the employees did not comply with their legal obligations to the CIA.

He said that former employees’ actions “is a blatant desecration of the trust placed in the intelligence community by the American people.”

“The CIA must act to preserve its rules and regulations and to restore its reputation, which has been so badly besmirched by these former officials,” he concluded.