Pima County, Arizona to Hold Election Integrity Hearing

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  • 03/02/2023

Pima County, Arizona will hold an election integrity hearing on December 13th, just one of many hearings that will be taking place across the country in the coming weeks. 

As previously reported by Human Events News, Mark Finchem, a State Representative from Arizona who has also received the endorsement of former President Donald Trump in a bid to become that State’s Secretary of State in 2022, has effectively taken his Arizona Ballot Integrity Project(BIP) national when he and approximately 30 others from around the country gathered at the suburban Dallas offices of international authentication leader, Authentix, to create a process for introducing a highly counterfeit-resistant paper ballot. 

As currently designed, the proposed paper ballot contains multiple authentication and tracking features making it almost impossible to replicate by anyone interested in election tampering through the creation of phony ballots. 

“If someone has enough time and enough money, and enough determination, anything can eventually be counterfeited in theory,” Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Authentix Kent Mansfield said. “The key is to create such complex barriers that it becomes unfeasible to even try. Nefarious people tend to be in a bit of a hurry. Making the job simply too big deters them.”

Read more about the hearing in the press release below: 

“On November 7, 2020, an anonymous report of election system fraud was made to the United States  Department of Justice and ALL members of the Arizona House and Senate. The allegation that 35,000 fictitious votes had been entered into the Pima County election was related by an individual who claimed to be in the  room when the plan was revealed to lower level Pima County Democratic Party leaders.  

“Over the last 12 months a few Members of the Legislature and resources from various election integrity organizations have conducted a quiet, but fruitful investigation into the substance and reliability of the allegation. 

“Our elections are a system, and systems require active maintenance. Without attention to detail, the  bureaucratic machine inevitably runs amok. We are elected to identify defects and fix them.” Rep. Biasiucci 

“We found significant discrepancies in the Maricopa County Election through the audit, which gives us all  pause to consider what has happened in other counties? To think that we would not find similar problems in  other counties is not a credible position for any elected official to take.” Sen. Sonny Borrelli  

“With consent of the Governed goes the right of the Governed to examine, and if warranted, conduct an audit of the elections that they participate in. Elections belong to the People, not the government.” Rep. Finchem 

On November 30, 2020, we held a Public Hearing on Election Integrity that gave the public an opportunity to  present evidence and sworn testimony to the joint panel of Members of the State Legislature regarding the 2020  General Election. The mission of the Public Hearing on Election Integrity was to, “receive evidence and  testimony that could serve to prove or disprove alleged discrepancies in the 2020 General Election.” Arizona citizens and expert witnesses submitted sworn affidavits, under penalty of perjury, to the panel detailing inconsistencies they encountered during the election process. 

Pima County voters who have first person knowledge of a violation of Arizona elections law, a violation of the Arizona  Elections Procedure Manual, and who may have physical evidence are asked to contact Sen. Kelly Townsend (LD-16) at  602-926-4467.  

This hearing will be held with the same objective. Press organizations may contact 602-826-7300 for  information on access. 

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