Norway Bow-and-Arrow Attack Treated as Apparent Terrorism

A man was charged Thursday in connection with a bow-and-arrow frenzy that left five people dead, an attack that authorities said was an apparent act of terrorism. 

The Norwegian security agency PST said investigators are still working to determine the motive behind the attack in the town of Konsberg. 

As reported by the New York Times, earlier, the regional police chief said that authorities had previously been in contact with the man over concerns that he’d been radicalized. 

“We have previously been in contact with him regarding worries about radicalization,” Ole Bredrup Saeverud said. When asked whether the man may have been motivated by extreme religious ideology, he said “we don’t know that, but it’s natural to ask the question.” 

The attack left four women and one man dead. The attacker, who lived in the town and had converted to Islam, escaped an initial confrontation with the police. 

The suspect is expected to appear before a judge Friday, when the specific charges will be made public.