Illinois Governor Signs Bill to Make Election Tampering Permanent Fixture

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  • 03/02/2023

Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker passed a law Thursday, expanding curbside voting and establishing permanent mail-in voting. 

The new law will ultimately make it easier for the corrupt state to remain corrupt. 

The legislation lays out procedures for election authorities to establish curbside voting during early voting or on Election Day, The Hill reports. It also establishes permanent voting lists that voters can choose to opt-in or out of at any time. 

Additionally, it directs authorities to establish central polling places where “all voters in its jurisdiction are allowed to vote on election day...regardless of the precinct in which they are registered.” 

Perhaps the most concerning part is that sheriffs will be able to establish temporary polling locations at county jails, available to people who live in the county and are in custody so long as they have not been convicted of the offense for which they are detained. 

“With attacks on voting rights on the rise in states across the nation, Illinois is proud to stand up for a strong, secure and accessible democracy,” Pritzker wrote in a tweet. “The legislation I’m signing today further expands access to the ballot box - ensuring all Illinoisans’ voices are heard.” 

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