MSNBC Appears to Deceptively Edit Clip of Joy Reid Defending Antifa

MSNBC appears to have edited a bizarre rant from Joy Reid, during which she defended Antifa saying they “don’t really show up anywhere.” 

“They’re just anti-fascists, they don’t really show up anywhere,” Reid said in the original airing of the segment, complaining that republicans view them as “basically the devil.” 

To no surprise, the version MSNBC uploaded online conveniently left out that part of the discussion. 

In the original version, Reid goes on to talk about her conspiracy theory that Capitol protesters believed they would be fighting Antifa and Black Lives Matter so that President Trump could use the Insurrection Act to remain in office, as reported by the Gateway Pundit

In the version uploaded to YouTube, titled “How Republicans are Attempting to Rewrite History of January 6 Insurrection,” the rant is missing. 

Let’s call it, “How MSNBC is Attempting to Rewrite Crazy Reid Rants.”