JACK POSOBIEC and TANYA TAY: The USSR tricked its students into believing that communists were 'for the people'

On Tuesday's episode of Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec hosted his wife, Tanya Tay, for a special episode during which they discussed the Spanish Civil War and how it helped rid the country of communism.

The communists in Spain at the time had received apple support from the Soviet Union, where Tanya was originally from before moving to the United States.

However as Posobiec explained, she had been taught throughout school that the communists "were the good guys doing the good things the whole way."

"I was born in the USSR. And as we know, history is written by the winners. And for the longest time in the USSR, the Communists were in charge," Tanya said. "So of course, all the literature, all the books, they were written praising the communists, and everything was portrayed from the positive side."

"So you get the impression that they were for the people, were the people, that they were taking all the land from Kulaks and they were giving it to all the poor people, yet they were missing the part where all the lands were still controlled and owned by the government," she continued.

Posobiec then asked his wife if details were taught about the Russian Revolution that resulted in the Bolsheviks and Lenin taking power, specifically inquiring about the execution of the Tsar, his wife and his children.

"It was actually portrayed as an act of goodness, if I may say so, for the good of the people," Tanya replied. "Because the Tsars were the evil ones, they are the ones who are living in this glamorous castle building, they had all the servants, they were bossing all the people around and on and on."

She said that as a young student, "you take it at face value."

Watch the full episode below.

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