EXCLUSIVE: Viktor Orban 'ran George Soros and his operations' out of Hungary–Americans can learn from that

On Monday's episode of Human Events Daily, host Jack Posobiec and guest Mark Ivanyo explained why it is crucial for Americans to be open to learning from other countries and cultures while having an America-first attitude.

Ivanyo is the Executive Director of Republicans for National Renewal and focuses on international operations. Both he and Posobiec were together at CPAC Hungary last week during which they met with Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Posobiec noted that Orban has "given us a way to show us the playbook of how to fight the left," at which Orban has been very successful.

He explained that "Hungary is the country that George Soros originated from. How did Viktor Orban originally become so popular and so strong in Hungary? He ran George Soros and his operations out of the country and he did so without remorse. He did so without apologizing to the left, he destroyed the left. This is the guy who beat Soros in his home country."

When thinking of how to rid America of globalist elites such as Soros, Posobiec asked, "why would you not want to talk to a guy who's already done that?"

Secondly, he said, Orban "showed us the way to reorient nationalist populism" and its perception by speaking on the protection of families within a country and straying away from "anti-immigration" rhetoric.

Not only did this reinforce the conservative value of having more family units and an economy equipped to provide for families, "but then also that you defend your country the way you would defend your family," Posobiec said, adding that "the leader becomes the defender of the country, because they're defending their family."

Ivanyo agreed, pointing out that "one question we never get is, well, where has national populism been implemented and been successful?"

"Well, I think we both know why. Because there's several examples of that and I think Hungary is probably one of the best examples," he said.

Watch the full episode below.


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