Justice Department Opens Another Witch Hunt Investigation into the Louisville Police Department

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  • 03/02/2023

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced Monday another witch hunt investigation into the Louisville, Kentucky metro police and the county government. 

As reported by Human Events News last week, the Justice Department opened a similar investigation into the policies and operations of the Minneapolis Police Department following Derek Chauvin’s triple conviction. 

The Louisville police received insurmountable backlash after the death of Breonna Taylor last March. A grand jury indicted Brett Hankinson, former Louisville detective who was involved in the raid of Taylor’s home, though no one was charged in her death.

“Today’s announcement is based on an extensive overview of publicly available information,” Garland said. He added that the inquiry into the police and the Jefferson County government will be conducted by the department’s Civil Rights Division, and that it will assess whether the police department “engages in a pattern or practice of using unregulated or unreasonable force.” 

Derrick Johnson, national president of the NAACP, applauded the announcement, saying “true justice comes with accountability and action,” the New York Times reports.  

“The relationship between law enforcement and our community has been deeply fractured and shattered by the lack of trust and the little-to-no accountability enforced when police commit a crime,” he said. “For far too long, killings at the hands of police have only led to one hashtag after another.” 

This newly announced investigation is separate from the Justice Department’s ongoing criminal investigation into Taylor’s death. 

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