Trump’s Final Approval Rating Isn’t That Bad: 51%

Despite four years of relentless attacks by the left-wing media and Washington democrats, President Trump is leaving the Whtie House with a higher approval rating than his GOP predecessor. 

And better yet, with the republican party in a promising position for future elections. 

A Quinnepiac poll finds that President Donald Trump’s approval rating stands at 34%, while his disapproval is at 61%, according to CNN 

“It means Trump will be the first president in the polling era to end his first term with an approval of below 40%, the first with a disapproval rating north of 50% and the first with a negative net (approval – disapproval) rating,” CNN reports. 

But this simply isn’t the case.

In the most recent Rasmussen poll, conducted Tuesday, President Trump’s final approval rating sits at 51 percent. Rasmussen has been consistently accurate since before Trump’s term, and was one of the few polling firms to correctly forecast his 2016 victory, BizPacReview reports. 

According to an aggregate of polls at RealClearPolitics, the president’s overall approval rating is nearly 40 percent, while Bush – when he left office in January 2009 – was slightly under 30 percent, The Federalist reports. 

In the aftermath of the Capitol riot, a Pew Research Center poll showed Trump with the same approval rating as Bush, 29 percent, but just days before Obama’s inauguration, Bush was pulling 22 percent. 

Interestingly enough, with the inauguration just hours away, President Donald Trump and Joe Biden are statistically tied in their respective approval ratings, according to a Nolte:NBC poll. 

Per the NBC poll, Biden’s incoming approval rating is 44 percent, while Trump’s outgoing approval rating sits at 43 percent. 

It gets better. 

Kamala Harris’ approval rating is only 41 percent. 

At the end of Obama’s presidency, his approval rating was at 59 percent, according to Gallup.