Behold a Pale Blue Horse…

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  • 03/02/2023

The hour is not just late; it is upon us.

By the end of Tuesday, November 3, 2020, we are supposed to know who the next President of the United States will be.  By January 20, 2021, we will know who that next President will be.  And while much has been written about the possibilities of what might happen between those two dates, it is worthwhile to take a moment to be specific as to what will happen, should it be Biden/Harris (or, if you prefer, Harris/Biden) who take the oath of office in January.

The outstretched hand of Biden/Harris might seem appealing to the uninformed and frightened—please do not be fooled.

In such unsettling times as these, it is a temptation that calls us to want to accept any promise of a better place.  The outstretched hand of Biden/Harris might seem appealing to the uninformed and frightened—please do not be fooled.  Their outstretched hands are the cold hands of death, death to our Republic, and death to the vision of our founding fathers.

I will go on record here with 20 fairly specific predictions as to what will happen during the next four years should the American electorate choose to embrace the most openly collectivist ticket in American political history. I share these in a last-minute hope that the reader who might still be persuadable will consider a vote for the Trump/Pence tickets over their opponents.

Consider this, if you will, Revelations 2020.


The Harris/Biden administration will:

  1. Institute a national Chinese coronavirus lockdown using whatever power the federal government can muster—either legitimately or through fiat. They will openly encourage states to exercise any and all powers, without fear of Justice Department intervention.  This will help large companies (the accomplice of big governments) consolidate power, and make citizens more generally dependent upon government relief.
  2. Initiate the process to make Puerto Rico and Washington D. C. States, with full Senate representation, in the hopes that these will become permanent blue states.
  3. Attempt to eliminate the electoral college. Of course, this won’t be easy to accomplish via Constitutional Amendment, as ratification requires approval by two-thirds of both the House and Senate. The interim tactic will be to aggressively lobby “blue” and “purple” states to join the National Popular Vote compact. With the Justice Department at their disposal, they would ensure that states that join the compact will endure the inevitable court challenge.
  4. Conclude Biden’s commission to “study” the Supreme Court with the recommendation that yes, they should pack the Supreme Court. Assuming that at least 50 Democratic Senators advocate for the Supreme Court to be expanded to 13 seats, and that four Justices along the lines of Kagan and Sotomayor are appointed to fill those seats, the Harris/Biden administration will push the United States squarely into a post-Constitutional period.
  5. Increase the National Labor Relations Board's power, and actively develop workarounds to state right to work rules and the precedents set by Janus v. American Federation of State, Country, and Municipal Employees, Council 31 (2018). They will also take steps to strengthen public-sector unions—a key element of their voting base.
  6. Appropriate $1-2 trillion of taxpayers’ money to big city and blue state general funds and public pension bailouts.
  7. Increase the power of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, effectively strangling access to credit for small borrowers and placing even more power into the hands of money center banks.
  8. Drastically reduce domestic energy production, especially curtailing offshore oil drilling and fracking.  The U.S. will become foreign-energy-dependent once again.  The result will be "cost-push inflation,” owing to higher energy cost inputs—effectively, a regressive tax on American households.
  9. Reverse all Trump administration policies regarding trade and technology sharing with China. Once again, we will be dependent upon China for pharmaceuticals and key manufacturing components—and America’s supply chain will be vulnerable for it.
  10. Re-initiate the Iran nuclear deal, along the lines of President Obama’s original plan.
  11. Rejoin the Paris climate accords.  This will lead to more cost-push inflation and become a regressive tax.
  12. Expand the reach of the Department of Education.  In particular:
    • Establish national curriculum standards for history, environment, and "diversity training."  There will also likely be requirements for critical race theory as a condition for receiving federal education funding
    • Establish national curriculum standards for education on gender and sex. In partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services, a Harris/Biden administration will create federal mandates for facilitating gender reidentification without parent advisement or consent.
  13. “Updates” to Obamacare, with a comprehensive national government-managed healthcare system. Big insurance will still be given a lucrative role as they will help write the legislation.
  14. Cut military spending by 15-25%—including troop reduction.
  15. Enact legal protections for big tech censorship—in the vein of a “national social media fairness & no-offense act." These requirements will mandate that social media platforms institute procedures to ensure no "offensive" or “damaging" behaviors toward minorities and other special interest groups occur. Social media giants, along with bureaucrats, will write the regulations themselves.
  16. Drop all antitrust actions and investigations against big tech.
  17. Repeal the 2017 Trump administration’s tax cuts—the largest middle-class tax cuts in history.
  18. Push overly aggressive federal regulations (tied to federal funding) to limit the capabilities of local and state police when confronting criminal activity.  At the same time, they will aggressively pursue federal hate crime actions in cases of violent police incidents that involve minorities.
  19. Revive the past discussion over the use of the Federal Communications Commission’s “Fairness Doctrine” to help silence conservative voices on radio and elsewhere.
  20. Effectively open the United States Southern border, and release all those currently held for attempting to enter the country illegally. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement will either be abolished or neutered, and sanctuary cities and states will be encouraged as part of the official administration policy.

[caption id="attachment_184009" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]"The Squad" "The Squad"[/caption]


I am willing to go on record with this list, which is my own limited way of trying to warn Americans what is to come should the President lose his bid for reelection—especially if the Democrats pick up the Senate in the process.  Some will certainly say that this list is the work of an alarmist.  I welcome the conjecture.  And of course, if the President emerges victorious, this exercise becomes purely academic.

Should he lose, however, I urge you to print this list and use your refrigerator magnet to place it right underneath the photo of what might have been the last family trip you take to Disney. Refer to it often.

Behold a pale blue horse.  They who ride on it are socialists.  And cultural, economic, and political hell follow with them.

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