Human Events Election Day Roundup.

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  • 03/02/2023

As we eagerly wait for results to come in, here is a roundup of our contributors' best Election Day 2020 pieces. A reminder of the future that popular nationalists are fighting to build, and what's at stake for our country—both in this election and for elections to come.

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What’s At Stake On Tuesday.
by David Krayden

President Trump deserves to win on November 3rd.

“[President Trump] came to the White House and promised to govern like a conservative. And he has done just that: He’s lowered taxes for the middle class and is promising more of the same in his second term, he fought to keep the economy open during the coronavirus pandemic, he rehabilitated the military, he appointed three conservative judges to the Supreme Court and 200 to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. He fearlessly defended the lives of the unborn and was perhaps the most pro-life president since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in the United States … As Commander in Chief, President Trump has exhibited strength of character ... Joe Biden, meanwhile, has been hiding in his basement and scared witless of catching COVID-19 ... President Trump deserves to win on November 3rd—not just because he has delivered on his promises, but because he has worked hard on his re-election—campaigning three to four times as hard as his indolent Democratic opponent."

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The War on Both Sides of the Atlantic.
By Jorge Buxadé

Donald Trump has proven that it is possible to halt the regressive and radical left—Europeans should take note.

"There is an urgency to confront the radical left head-on, with courage and well-reasoned argument. You can effectively beat them at their own game—by demonstrating that you are on the side of the people ... That is what the U.S. President Donald Trump has been doing ... Over the last four years, and with the law on his side, Donald Trump has proven that it is possible to halt the ‘regressive left.’ He has shown that he is on the side of the working American citizen, introducing the biggest tax cuts and program of deregulation in American history. Before the pandemic, he had achieved the lowest unemployment figures in 49 years, growth in oil production, and a 60% increase in coal exports ... In short, President Trump has protected American values and American interests ... The cultural fault lines that are exposed in America today are potential ones opening up in Europe tomorrow. As such, Europeans must be ready with our own debates on the future of the Old Continent, and we must prepare our own similar agenda that puts our people first."

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Policing the Real.
By Adam Ellwanger

Doublethink, Deception, and Election 2020.

“By reinventing reality, our media hopes to reinvent the human person. They aim to change the rural “deplorables” and the “bitter clingers” into the woke, rootless, cosmopolitan, secular code-writers of the future ... For now, the U.S. government can still restrict the ways that corporate and media elites are harnessing technology to achieve this authoritarian control. But not just any government will be willing to enact the urgent reforms necessary to reclaim reality from those who attempt to dictate it. And we are running out of time. With the election imminent, Americans face what might be their last chance to seat people in the government who will reassert the right of each individual to perceive reality for himself—the right to know an unmediated reality, and to speak its truth ... As a tumultuous 2020 draws to a close, we find ourselves again at Election Day. The choice we face is greater than deciding which man will lead this nation. Anyone fact-checking at home knows that both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have spotty records when it comes to truth-telling. But we know this: Donald Trump has been a consistent champion of the truths that matter most: the truth about our nation’s great history, the truth about what America means, and indeed, the truth about the nature of the choice we face. It is nothing less than a referendum on which truths Americans will believe about ourselves and our place in the world. At this moment, we are called to decide whether those truths matter and whether we will pass them on ... When we head to the polls tomorrow to exercise our most cherished freedom, let us vote again for the light: the light of truth, and the light that America brings to the world.”

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Behold a Pale Blue Horse…
By Brent Hamachek

They who ride on it are socialists—and America as we know it is in jeopardy.

"The hour is not just late; it is upon us ... By the end of Tuesday, November 3, 2020, we are supposed to know who the next President of the United States will be.  By January 20, 2021, we will know who that next President will be.  And while much has been written about the possibilities of what might happen between those two dates, it is worthwhile to take a moment to be specific as to what will happen, should it be Biden/Harris (or, if you prefer, Harris/Biden) who take the oath of office in January ... In such unsettling times as these, it is a temptation that calls us to want to accept any promise of a better place.  The outstretched hand of Biden/Harris might seem appealing to the uninformed and frightened—please do not be fooled. Their outstretched hands are the cold hands of death, death to our Republic, and death to the vision of our founding fathers."

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Why I voted for Donald Trump From Abroad.
By Emma Freire

This is a decisive moment for America, and our voice matters more than ever.

“As conservatives, we don’t have the luxury of saying we will tough it out under four years of Biden-Harris, and then hope for a right-wing candidate of sterling moral character to emerge from the wings. The progressives who are running the Democratic party will seize the opportunity to rig the game ... Their farcical attempt to remove Trump through impeachment shows they have no respect for the outcome of legitimate, democratic elections. They will try to pack the courts, abolish the electoral college, and give statehood to D.C. and Puerto Rico to ensure a permanent Democratic majority in the senate. Maybe Joe Biden doesn’t hold such extreme beliefs himself, but he is too old and frail to stop the progressives who have seized control of his party. After four years of a Biden-Harris administration, our institutions may be so thoroughly upended that we can never elect a conservative president again ... Living abroad has given me a deeper appreciation for America—its beauty, its high standard of living, and above all, its freedom. That’s why I voted for Donald Trump. I want America to still be America when it is time for my family to move back.”

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The Second ‘48?
By Robert T. Wood

Trump, Truman and a possible re-election upset for a new century.

“An incumbent President faces nearly impossible odds for his re-election bid. This certainly describes the state of the presidential race in 2020, with the brash outsider, Donald J. Trump, against the establishment favorite Joe Biden. Yet it also recalls an earlier contest, 72 years ago, which resulted in the Chicago Tribune prematurely declaring: “Dewey Defeats Truman.” ... On the surface, Harry Truman and Donald Trump would appear to be polar opposites. One was a Democratic, self-made haberdasher from Missouri, who began in politics as a young age during the 1900 Democratic Convention. The other is a Republican from Queens who inherited his father’s real estate business and won his first political office in a rough-and-tumble Presidential election at the age of 70 ... Yet there are many parallels between their styles of communications and campaigning, their appeal to working-class Americans who feel left behind by an out-of-touch Washington elite, and the extent to which political professionals portended inevitable electoral defeat for Haberdasher Harry—as well as The Donald."

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